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WMST-L has been formed to facilitate discussion of Women's Studies teaching, research, and program administration, and to publicize relevant conferences, job opportunities, calls for papers, publications, and the like. The list also serves as a repository for files related to Women's Studies. See the WMST-L File Collection at https://www.umbc.edu/wmst/wmsttoc.html . WMST-L focuses only on Women's Studies teaching, research, and program administration. It is NOT an appropriate place for most discussions of politics or gender-related societal problems. Moreover, since the list is intended primarily as a professional tool, messages from novices and others seeking explanations or rationales for feminism or for Women's Studies do not belong on the list, nor do most inquiries from undergraduates seeking help with term papers or class projects. For somewhat outdated information about other gender-related lists where such messages might more appropriately be sent, see Gender-Related Electronic Forums at https://www.umbc.edu/wmst/forums.html . For more information about WMST-L, see the WMST-L User's Guide: https://www.umbc.edu/wmst/user-guide.html .
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