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A Cybernetic Approach to Modeling Lipid Metabolism in Mammalian Cells
Processes, Volume 6, Issue 8 (August 2018)

Table of Contents

Cover Story
A Cybernetic Approach to Modeling Lipid Metabolism in Mammalian Cells<>
Lina Aboulmouna, Shakti Gupta, Mano R. Maurya, Frank T. DeVilbiss, Shankar Subramaniam and Doraiswami Ramkrishna
Processes 2018, 6(8), 126; doi:10.3390/pr6080126<>
Featured Papers
GEKKO Optimization Suite<>
Logan D. R. Beal, Daniel C. Hill, R. Abraham Martin and John D. Hedengren
Processes 2018, 6(8), 106; doi:10.3390/pr6080106<>
Dynamic Optimization of a Subcritical Steam Power Plant Under Time-Varying Power Load<>
Chen Chen and George M. Bollas
Processes 2018, 6(8), 114; doi:10.3390/pr6080114<>
Flotation in Water and Wastewater Treatment<>
George Z. Kyzas and Kostas A. Matis
Processes 2018, 6(8), 116; doi:10.3390/pr6080116<>
Input Shaping Predictive Functional Control for Different Types of Challenging Dynamics Processes<>
Muhammad Abdullah and John Anthony Rossiter
Processes 2018, 6(8), 118; doi:10.3390/pr6080118<>
Effects of Pulse Interval and Dosing Flux on Cells Varying the Relative Velocity of Micro Droplets and Culture Solution<>
Zhanwei Wang, Kun Liu, Jiuxin Ning, Shulei Chen, Ming Hao, Dongyang Wang, Qi Mei, Yaoshuai Ba and Dechun Ba
Processes 2018, 6(8), 119; doi:10.3390/pr6080119<>
A Coupled Thermal-Hydraulic-Mechanical Nonlinear Model for Fault Water Inrush<>
Weitao Liu, Jiyuan Zhao, Ruiai Nie, Yuben Liu and Yanhui Du
Processes 2018, 6(8), 120; doi:10.3390/pr6080120<>
Computational Molecular Modeling of Transport Processes in Nanoporous Membranes<>
Kevin R. Hinkle, Xiaoyu Wang, Xuehong Gu, Cynthia J. Jameson and Sohail Murad
Processes 2018, 6(8), 124; doi:10.3390/pr6080124<>
Dynamic Sequence Specific Constraint-Based Modeling of Cell-Free Protein Synthesis<>
David Dai, Nicholas Horvath and Jeffrey Varner
Processes 2018, 6(8), 132; doi:10.3390/pr6080132<>
An Integrated Mathematical Model of Cellular Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Lipoprotein Metabolism<>
Frances Pool, Peter K. Sweby and Marcus J. Tindall
Processes 2018, 6(8), 134; doi:10.3390/pr6080134<>
Biological Systems
Technology for the Remediation of Water Pollution: A Review on the Fabrication of Metal Organic Frameworks<>
Yongning Bian, Nana Xiong and Guocheng Zhu
Processes 2018, 6(8), 122; doi:10.3390/pr6080122<>
Biological Systems
Modelling and Simulation of Biochemical Processes Using Petri Nets<>
Safae Cherdal and Salma Mouline
Processes 2018, 6(8), 97; doi:10.3390/pr6080097<>
The Role of Immune Response in Optimal HIV Treatment Interventions<>
Hernán Darío Toro-Zapata, Angélica Caicedo-Casso and Sunmi Lee
Processes 2018, 6(8), 102; doi:10.3390/pr6080102<>
Preparation and Characterization of Polyaluminum Titanium Silicate and its Performance in the Treatment of Low-Turbidity Water<>
Lina Liao and Peng Zhang
Processes 2018, 6(8), 125; doi:10.3390/pr6080125<>
Modelling Nutrients and Organics Removal by Biological Slow Filtration in Micro-Polluted Water Source Treatment<>
Chengjin Zhang, Jian He and Zheng Zheng
Processes 2018, 6(8), 128; doi:10.3390/pr6080128<>
Chemical Systems
Alternatives for Chemical and Biochemical Lignin Valorization: Hot Topics from a Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Published During the 2000–2016 Period<>
Ricardo Abejón, Heriberto Pérez-Acebo and Leonardo Clavijo
Processes 2018, 6(8), 98; doi:10.3390/pr6080098<>
Separation of Ag(I) by Ion Exchange and Cementation from a Raffinate Containing Ag(I), Ni(II) and Zn(II) and Traces of Cu(II) and Sn(II)<>
Wei Dong Xing, Man Seung Lee and Seung Hoon Choi
Processes 2018, 6(8), 112; doi:10.3390/pr6080112<>
Effect of Particle Size on Carbon Nanotube Aggregates Behavior in Dilute Phase of a Fluidized Bed<>
Sung Won Kim
Processes 2018, 6(8), 121; doi:10.3390/pr6080121<>
Other Topics
Experimental Study of the Microstructural Evolution of Glauberite and Its Weakening Mechanism under the Effect of Thermal-Hydrological-Chemical Coupling<>
Shuzhao Chen, Donghua Zhang, Tao Shang and Tao Meng
Processes 2018, 6(8), 99; doi:10.3390/pr6080099<>
Experimental Study on the Damage of Granite by Acoustic Emission after Cyclic Heating and Cooling with Circulating Water<>
Dong Zhu, Hongwen Jing, Qian Yin and Guansheng Han
Processes 2018, 6(8), 101; doi:10.3390/pr6080101<>
Underground Risk Index Assessment and Prediction Using a Simplified Hierarchical Fuzzy Logic Model and Kalman Filter<>
Muhammad Fayaz, Israr Ullah and Do-Hyeun Kim
Processes 2018, 6(8), 103; doi:10.3390/pr6080103<>
Coal Anisotropic Sorption and Permeability: An Experimental Study<>
Yulong Chen, Xuelong Li and Bo Li
Processes 2018, 6(8), 104; doi:10.3390/pr6080104<>
Effect of Pore Fluid Pressure on the Normal Deformation of a Matched Granite Joint<>
Qiang Zhang, Xiaochun Li, Bing Bai, Shaobin Hu and Lu Shi
Processes 2018, 6(8), 107; doi:10.3390/pr6080107<>
Fabrication of New Liquid Crystal Device Using Layer-by-Layer Thin Film Process<>
Gitae Moon, Wonjun Jang, Intae Son, Hyun A. Cho, Yong Tae Park and Jun Hyup Lee
Processes 2018, 6(8), 108; doi:10.3390/pr6080108<>
Experimental Study on the Creep Characteristics of Coal Measures Sandstone under Seepage Action<>
Ziheng Sha, Hai Pu, Ming Li, Lili Cao, Ding Liu, Hongyang Ni and Jingfeng Lu
Processes 2018, 6(8), 110; doi:10.3390/pr6080110<>
A High-Order Numerical Manifold Method for Darcy Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media<>
Lingfeng Zhou, Yuan Wang and Di Feng
Processes 2018, 6(8), 111; doi:10.3390/pr6080111<>
Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Coal Seams with Discontinuous Natural Fracture Networks<>
Shen Wang, Huamin Li and Dongyin Li
Processes 2018, 6(8), 113; doi:10.3390/pr6080113<>
Modeling the Dynamics of Human Liver Failure Post Liver Resection<>
Babita K. Verma, Pushpavanam Subramaniam and Rajanikanth Vadigepalli
Processes 2018, 6(8), 115; doi:10.3390/pr6080115<>
Deformation and Hydraulic Conductivity of Compacted Clay under Waste Differential Settlement<>
Sifa Xu, Cuifeng Li, Jizhuang Liu, Mengdan Bian, Weiwei Wei, Hao Zhang and Zhe Wang
Processes 2018, 6(8), 123; doi:10.3390/pr6080123<>
A Strain-Based Percolation Model and Triaxial Tests to Investigate the Evolution of Permeability and Critical Dilatancy Behavior of Coal<>
Dongjie Xue, Jie Zhou, Yintong Liu and Sishuai Zhang
Processes 2018, 6(8), 127; doi:10.3390/pr6080127<>
Experimental Study on the Reinforcement Mechanism of Segmented Split Grouting in a Soft Filling Medium<>
Zhipeng Li, Shucai Li, Haojie Liu, Qingsong Zhang and Yanan Liu
Processes 2018, 6(8), 131; doi:10.3390/pr6080131<>
Design and Implementation of an Optimal Travel Route Recommender System on Big Data for Tourists in Jeju<>
Lei Hang, Sang-Hun Kang, Wenquan Jin and Do-Hyeun Kim
Processes 2018, 6(8), 133; doi:10.3390/pr6080133<>
Computational Methods
Sequential Parameter Estimation for Mammalian Cell Model Based on In Silico Design of Experiments<>
Zhenyu Wang, Hana Sheikh, Kyongbum Lee and Christos Georgakis
Processes 2018, 6(8), 100; doi:10.3390/pr6080100<>
Comparison between Two Solid-Liquid Extraction Methods for the Recovery of Steviol Glycosides from Dried Stevia Leaves Applying a Numerical Approach<>
Monica Gallo, Andrea Formato, Gaetano Formato and Daniele Naviglio
Processes 2018, 6(8), 105; doi:10.3390/pr6080105<>
Materials Processes
Comparison of a Novel Miniaturized Screening Device with Büchi B290 Mini Spray-Dryer for the Development of Spray-Dried Solid Dispersions (SDSDs)<>
Aymeric Ousset, Joke Meeus, Florent Robin, Martin Alexander Schubert, Pascal Somville and Kalliopi Dodou
Processes 2018, 6(8), 129; doi:10.3390/pr6080129<>
Case Report
Numerical Simulation on the Dynamic Characteristics of a Tremendous Debris Flow in Sichuan, China<>
Yulong Chen, Zhenfeng Qiu, Bo Li and Zongji Yang
Processes 2018, 6(8), 109; doi:10.3390/pr6080109<>
A New Concept of Stirred Multiphase Reactor Using a Stationary Catalytic Foam<>
Nassima Benamara, Didier Assoua, Louis Jaffeux, Laurent Vanoye, Florica Simescu-Lazar, Marie-Line Zanota, Frédéric Bornette, Valérie Meille and Isabelle Pitault
Processes 2018, 6(8), 117; doi:10.3390/pr6080117<>
Concept Paper
Choosing the Optimal Multi-Point Iterative Method for the Colebrook Flow Friction Equation<>
Pavel Praks and Dejan Brkić
Processes 2018, 6(8), 130; doi:10.3390/pr6080130<>

Special Issues Open for Submissions
Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems<>
(Deadline: 15 September 2018)

Physics and Mechanics of Biofilms: Modelling and Experimental Characterizations<>
(Deadline: 30 September 2018)

Thin Film Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Recent Advances in Population Balance Modeling<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Transport of Fluids in Nanoporous Materials<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Computational Synthetic Biology<>
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein Supply<>
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

Process Design, Integration, and Intensification<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

Multiphase Reaction Engineering, Reactors and Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

Process Industry 4.0: Application Research to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

To access the full list of Special Issues, please click here<>

Topical Collections (without Deadline)
Process Data Analytics<>

Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production<>

To access the full list of Topical Collections, please click here<>

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