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Multi-Tubular Reactor for Hydrogen Production: CFD Thermal Design and Experimental Testing
Processes, Volume 7, Issue 1 (January 2019)

Table of Contents

Cover Story
Multi-Tubular Reactor for Hydrogen Production: CFD Thermal Design and Experimental Testing<>
Elvira Tapia, Aurelio González-Pardo, Alfredo Iranzo, Manuel Romero, José González-Aguilar, Alfonso Vidal, Mariana Martín-Betancourt and Felipe Rosa
Processes 2019, 7(1), 31; doi:10.3390/pr7010031<>
Featured Papers
Trends in Advanced Functional Material Applications of Nanocellulose<>
Prachiben Panchal, Emmanuel Ogunsona and Tizazu Mekonnen
Processes 2019, 7(1), 10; doi:10.3390/pr7010010<>
A Model-Based Investigation of Cytokine Dynamics in Immunotherapies<>
Brooks Hopkins, Yiming Pan, Matthew Tucker and Zuyi (Jacky) Huang
Processes 2019, 7(1), 12; doi:10.3390/pr7010012<>
Building Block-Based Synthesis and Intensification of Work-Heat Exchanger Networks (WHENS)<>
Jianping Li, Salih Emre Demirel and M. M. Faruque Hasan
Processes 2019, 7(1), 23; doi:10.3390/pr7010023<>
Revolution 4.0: Industry vs. Agriculture in a Future Development for SMEs<>
Ilaria Zambon, Massimo Cecchini, Gianluca Egidi, Maria Grazia Saporito and Andrea Colantoni
Processes 2019, 7(1), 36; doi:10.3390/pr7010036<>
Multiscale Agent-Based and Hybrid Modeling of the Tumor Immune Microenvironment<>
Kerri-Ann Norton, Chang Gong, Samira Jamalian and Aleksander S. Popel
Processes 2019, 7(1), 37; doi:10.3390/pr7010037<>
Effective Dye Degradation by Graphene Oxide Supported Manganese Oxide<>
Hayarpi Saroyan, George Z. Kyzas and Eleni A. Deliyanni
Processes 2019, 7(1), 40; doi:10.3390/pr7010040<>
Component Characterization in a Growth-Dependent Physiological Context: Optimal Experimental Design<>
Nathan Braniff, Matthew Scott and Brian Ingalls
Processes 2019, 7(1), 52; doi:10.3390/pr7010052<>
Materials Processes
Approaches to Suppress CO2-Induced Plasticization of Polyimide Membranes in Gas Separation Applications<>
Moli Zhang, Liming Deng, Dongxiao Xiang, Bing Cao, Seyed Saeid Hosseini and Pei Li
Processes 2019, 7(1), 51; doi:10.3390/pr7010051<>
Materials Processes
High-Throughput Microfiltration Membranes with Natural Biofouling Reducer Agent for Food Processing<>
Panggulu Ahmad R. Utoro, Agung Sukoyo, Sandra Sandra, Nimatul Izza, Shinta Rosalia Dewi and Yusuf Wibisono
Processes 2019, 7(1), 1; doi:10.3390/pr7010001<>
Chemical Recycling of Used Printed Circuit Board Scraps: Recovery and Utilization of Organic Products<>
Se-Ra Shin, Van Dung Mai and Dai-Soo Lee
Processes 2019, 7(1), 22; doi:10.3390/pr7010022<>
Processes of Cracking and Crushing in Hybrid Fibre Reinforced High-Performance Concrete Slabs<>
Piotr Smarzewski
Processes 2019, 7(1), 49; doi:10.3390/pr7010049<>
Other Topics
Investigation of Deep Mine Shaft Stability in Alternating Hard and Soft Rock Strata Using Three-Dimensional Numerical Modeling<>
Xiaoming Sun, Gan Li, Chengwei Zhao, Yangyang Liu and Chengyu Miao
Processes 2019, 7(1), 2; doi:10.3390/pr7010002<>
2D Plane Strain Consolidation Process of Unsaturated Soil with Vertical Impeded Drainage Boundaries<>
Minghua Huang and Dun Li
Processes 2019, 7(1), 5; doi:10.3390/pr7010005<>
Measuring Efficiency of Generating Electric Processes<>
Chia-Nan Wang, Quoc-Chien Luu and Thi-Kim-Lien Nguyen
Processes 2019, 7(1), 6; doi:10.3390/pr7010006<>
Formation Mechanism of Trailing Oil in Product Oil Pipeline<>
Enbin Liu, Wensheng Li, Hongjun Cai and Shanbi Peng
Processes 2019, 7(1), 7; doi:10.3390/pr7010007<>
Dynamic Performance Assessment of Primary Frequency Modulation for a Power Control System Based on MATLAB<>
Shizhe Li and Yinsong Wang
Processes 2019, 7(1), 11; doi:10.3390/pr7010011<>
Characterization of Pores and Fractures in Soft Coal from the No. 5 Soft Coalbed in the Chenghe Mining Area<>
Pan Wei, Yunpei Liang, Song Zhao, Shoujian Peng, Xuelong Li and Ran Meng
Processes 2019, 7(1), 13; doi:10.3390/pr7010013<>
New Technical Parameters and Operational Improvements of the Metal Oxide Varistors Manufacturing Process<>
Flaviu Mihai Frigura-Iliasa, Sorin Musuroi, Ciprian Sorandaru and Doru Vatau
Processes 2019, 7(1), 18; doi:10.3390/pr7010018<>
Model for Thin Layer Drying of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) by Hot Air<>
Thi Van Linh Nguyen, My Duyen Nguyen, Duy Chinh Nguyen, Long Giang Bach and Tri Duc Lam
Processes 2019, 7(1), 21; doi:10.3390/pr7010021<>
Integration Multi-Model to Evaluate the Impact of Surface Water Quality on City Sustainability: A Case from Maanshan City in China<>
Zhanbo Chen, Hui Zhang and Mingxia Liao
Processes 2019, 7(1), 25; doi:10.3390/pr7010025<>
Robust Scheduling Optimization Model for Multi-Energy Interdependent System Based on Energy Storage Technology and Ground-Source Heat Pump<>
Zhongfu Tan, Hongwu Guo, Hongyu Lin, Qingkun Tan, Shenbo Yang, De Gejirifu, Liwei Ju and Xueying Song
Processes 2019, 7(1), 27; doi:10.3390/pr7010027<>
Numerical Investigation of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation Based on Cohesive Zone Model in Naturally Fractured Formations<>
Jianxiong Li, Shiming Dong, Wen Hua, Xiaolong Li and Xin Pan
Processes 2019, 7(1), 28; doi:10.3390/pr7010028<>
Mixing Efficiency Analysis on Droplet Formation Process in Microchannels by Numerical Methods<>
Jin-yuan Qian, Xiao-juan Li, Zhi-xin Gao and Zhi-jiang Jin
Processes 2019, 7(1), 33; doi:10.3390/pr7010033<>
Optimization of the Melting Performance of a Thermal Energy Storage Unit with Fractal Net Fins<>
Jiayi Zheng, Cheng Yu, Taotao Chen, Yanshun Yu and Fang Wang
Processes 2019, 7(1), 42; doi:10.3390/pr7010042<>
Simulating the Filtration Effects of Cement-Grout in Fractured Porous Media with the 3D Unified Pipe-Network Method<>
Zizheng Sun, Xiao Yan, Weiqi Han, Guowei Ma and Yiming Zhang
Processes 2019, 7(1), 46; doi:10.3390/pr7010046<>
Study on the Preparation and Hydration Properties of a New Cementitious Material for Tailings Discharge<>
Yunbing Hou, Pengchu Ding, Dong Han, Xing Zhang and Shuxiong Cao
Processes 2019, 7(1), 47; doi:10.3390/pr7010047<>
Analysis of Influencing Factors of Occupational Safety and Health in Coal Chemical Enterprises Based on the Analytic Network Process and System Dynamics<>
Kai Yu, Lujie Zhou, Chen Hu, Linlin Wang and Weiqiang Jin
Processes 2019, 7(1), 53; doi:10.3390/pr7010053<>
Chemical Systems
Energy Analysis of the S-CO2 Brayton Cycle with Improved Heat Regeneration<>
Muhammad Ehtisham Siddiqui and Khalid H. Almitani
Processes 2019, 7(1), 3; doi:10.3390/pr7010003<>
Optimization of Reaction Selectivity Using CFD-Based Compartmental Modeling and Surrogate-Based Optimization<>
Shu Yang, San Kiang, Parham Farzan and Marianthi Ierapetritou
Processes 2019, 7(1), 9; doi:10.3390/pr7010009<>
Categorization of Failures in Polymer Rapid Tools Used for Injection Molding<>
Anurag Bagalkot, Dirk Pons, Digby Symons and Don Clucas
Processes 2019, 7(1), 17; doi:10.3390/pr7010017<>
Combining Microwave Pretreatment with Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Enhanced Biogas and Hydrogen Yield from Green Algae<>
Asad A. Zaidi, Ruizhe Feng, Adil Malik, Sohaib Z. Khan, Yue Shi, Asad J. Bhutta and Ahmer H. Shah
Processes 2019, 7(1), 24; doi:10.3390/pr7010024<>
Modeling/Simulation of the Dividing Wall Column by Using the Rigorous Model<>
Chi Zhai, Qinjun Liu, Jose A. Romagnoli and Wei Sun
Processes 2019, 7(1), 26; doi:10.3390/pr7010026<>
Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction and Swarm Intelligence for Calculating Optimum Values of Obtaining Boric Acid from Tincal Mineral<>
Bahdisen Gezer and Utku Kose
Processes 2019, 7(1), 30; doi:10.3390/pr7010030<>
The Effect of the Presence of Very Cohesive Geldart C Ultra-Fine Particles on the Fluidization of Geldart A Fine Particle Beds<>
Abbas Kamranian Marnani, Andreas Bück, Sergiy Antonyuk, Berend van Wachem, Dominique Thévenin and Jürgen Tomas
Processes 2019, 7(1), 35; doi:10.3390/pr7010035<>
Pilot Plant Data Assessment in Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Fraction of Municipal Waste Solids<>
Massimo Migliori, Enrico Catizzone, Girolamo Giordano, Adolfo Le Pera, Miriam Sellaro, Alessandro Lista, Giuseppe Zanardi and Luciano Zoia
Processes 2019, 7(1), 54; doi:10.3390/pr7010054<>
Computational Methods
FFANN Optimization by ABC for Controlling a 2nd Order SISO System’s Output with a Desired Settling Time<>
Aydın Mühürcü
Processes 2019, 7(1), 4; doi:10.3390/pr7010004<>
On the Boundary Conditions in a Non-Linear Dissipative Observer for Tubular Reactors<>
Irandi Gutierrez-Carmona, Jaime A. Moreno and H.F. Abundis-Fong
Processes 2019, 7(1), 8; doi:10.3390/pr7010008<>
Supercritical CO2 Transesterification of Triolein to Methyl-Oleate in a Batch Reactor: Experimental and Simulation Results<>
Geetanjali Yadav, Leonard A. Fabiano, Lindsay Soh, Julie Zimmerman, Ramkrishna Sen and Warren D. Seider
Processes 2019, 7(1), 16; doi:10.3390/pr7010016<>
Model-Based Stochastic Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Lithium-Ion Batteries<>
Jeongeun Son and Yuncheng Du
Processes 2019, 7(1), 38; doi:10.3390/pr7010038<>
Model-Based Cost Optimization of Double-Effect Water-Lithium Bromide Absorption Refrigeration Systems<>
Sergio F. Mussati, Seyed Soheil Mansouri, Krist V. Gernaey, Tatiana Morosuk and Miguel C. Mussati
Processes 2019, 7(1), 50; doi:10.3390/pr7010050<>
Biological Systems
Early Afterdepolarisations Induced by an Enhancement in the Calcium Current<>
André H. Erhardt
Processes 2019, 7(1), 20; doi:10.3390/pr7010020<>
Ambient Pressure-Dried Graphene–Composite Carbon Aerogel for Capacitive Deionization<>
Chen Zhang, Xiaodong Wang, Hongqiang Wang, Xueling Wu and Jun Shen
Processes 2019, 7(1), 29; doi:10.3390/pr7010029<>
Textile Wastewater Treatment for Water Reuse: A Case Study<>
Hua Yin, Peiwen Qiu, Yuange Qian, Zhuwen Kong, Xiaolong Zheng, Zhihua Tang and Huafang Guo
Processes 2019, 7(1), 34; doi:10.3390/pr7010034<>
Catastrophic Health Expenditures and Its Inequality in Households with Cancer Patients: A Panel Study<>
Munjae Lee and Kichan Yoon
Processes 2019, 7(1), 39; doi:10.3390/pr7010039<>
Efficient Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Wastewater with Electro-Reduction<>
Hao Peng, Yumeng Leng, Qinzhe Cheng, Qian Shang, Jiancheng Shu and Jing Guo
Processes 2019, 7(1), 41; doi:10.3390/pr7010041<>
Adsorption of Organic Constituents from Reverse Osmosis Concentrate in Coal Chemical Industry by Coking Coal<>
Hongxiang Xu, Qizheng Qin, Changfeng Zhang, Kejia Ning, Rong Zhao, Penghui Wang, Jiushuai Deng and Gen Huang
Processes 2019, 7(1), 44; doi:10.3390/pr7010044<>
Characterization, Expression Profiling, and Functional Analyses of a 4CL-Like Gene of Populus trichocarpa<>
Hui Wei, Chen Xu, Ali Movahedi, Weibo Sun and Qiang Zhuge
Processes 2019, 7(1), 45; doi:10.3390/pr7010045<>
Employment of Emergency Advanced Nurses of Turkey: A Discrete-Event Simulation Application<>
Abdulkadir Atalan and Cem Cagri Donmez
Processes 2019, 7(1), 48; doi:10.3390/pr7010048<>
Special Issue on “Transport of Fluids in Nanoporous Materials”<>
Xuechao Gao, Guozhao Ji, Suresh K. Bhatia and David Nicholson
Processes 2019, 7(1), 14; doi:10.3390/pr7010014<>
Special Issue on Feature Papers for Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Processes<>
Michael A. Henson
Processes 2019, 7(1), 15; doi:10.3390/pr7010015<>
Announcing the 2019 Processes Travel Awards for Post-Doctoral Fellows and Ph.D. Students<>
Michael A. Henson, Juergen Hahn, Martha A. Grover, John D. Hedengren and Processes Editorial Office
Processes 2019, 7(1), 19; doi:10.3390/pr7010019<>
Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Processes in 2018<>
Processes Editorial Office
Processes 2019, 7(1), 32; doi:10.3390/pr7010032<>
Case Report
Application of Supergravity Technology in a TEG Dehydration Process for Offshore Platforms<>
Hongfang Lu, Guoguang Ma, Mohammadamin Azimi and Lingdi Fu
Processes 2019, 7(1), 43; doi:10.3390/pr7010043<>

Special Issues Open for Submissions
Principles of Modular Design and Control in Complex Systems<>
(Deadline: 28 February 2019)

In Silico Metabolic Modeling and Engineering<>
(Deadline: 28 February 2019)

Modeling and Control of Crystallization<>
(Deadline: 30 March 2019)

Multiphase Reaction Engineering, Reactors and Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

Sustainable Biorefinery Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

Thin Film Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

Application of Data Modeling and Analysis Techniques to Cancer Therapy<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

Wastewater Treatment Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

Intensified Reactors and Smart Integrated Processing for Valuable Products from Food Processing Wastes<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

Process Industry 4.0: Application Research to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2019)

To access the full list of Special Issues, please click here<>

Topical Collections (without Deadline)
Process Data Analytics<>

Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production<>

To access the full list of Topical Collections, please click here<>

Recent Special Issue Reprints
Feature Papers for Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of the Founding of Processes<>
Michael A. Henson (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-03897-525-0 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03897-526-7 (PDF)

Transport of Fluids in Nanoporous Materials<>
Suresh K. Bhatia, David Nicholson, Xuechao Gao and Guozhao Ji (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03897-529-8 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03897-530-4 (PDF)

Biological Networks<>
Rudiyanto Gunawan and Neda Bagheri (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03897-433-8 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03897-434-5 (PDF)

Microbial Community Modeling: Prediction of Microbial Interactions and Community Dynamics<>
Hyun-Seob Song (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-03842-975-3 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03842-976-0 (PDF)

Combined Scheduling and Control<>
John D. Hedengren and Logan Beal (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03842-805-3 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03842-806-0 (PDF)
To access the full list of books, please click here<>

Upcoming Conferences

  *   Young Professionals Conference on Process Engineering (YCOPE 2019) (Magdeburg, Germany, 18–20 March 2019) <>
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