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Fri, 22 Nov 2019 16:30:43 +0000
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Bioinspired Hybrid Model to Predict the Hydrogen Inlet Fuel Cell Flow Change of an Energy Storage System
Processes, Volume 7, Issue 11 (November 2019)

Table of Contents

Cover Story
Article: Bioinspired Hybrid Model to Predict the Hydrogen Inlet Fuel Cell Flow Change of an Energy Storage System<>
Héctor Alaiz-Moretón, Esteban Jove, José-Luis Casteleiro-Roca, Héctor Quintián, Hilario López García, José Alberto Benítez-Andrades, Paulo Novais and Jose Luis Calvo-Rolle
Processes 2019, 7(11), 825; doi:10.3390/pr7110825<>
Featured Papers
Review: A Review of Convex Approaches for Control, Observation and Safety of Linear Parameter Varying and Takagi-Sugeno Systems<>
Francisco-Ronay López-Estrada, Damiano Rotondo and Guillermo Valencia-Palomo
Processes 2019, 7(11), 814; doi:10.3390/pr7110814<>
Article: DynamFluid: Development and Validation of a New GUI-Based CFD Tool for the Analysis of Incompressible Non-Isothermal Flows<>
Héctor Redal, Jaime Carpio, Pablo A. García-Salaberri and Marcos Vera
Processes 2019, 7(11), 777; doi:10.3390/pr7110777<>
Article: Model Validation and Process Design of Continuous Single Pass Tangential Flow Filtration Focusing on Continuous Bioprocessing for High Protein Concentrations<>
Maximilian Johannes Huter, Christoph Jensch and Jochen Strube
Processes 2019, 7(11), 781; doi:10.3390/pr7110781<>
Article: Physical and Thermal Studies of Carbon-Enriched Silicon Oxycarbide Synthesized from Floating Plants<>
Guan-Ting Pan, Siewhui Chong, Yi Jing Chan, Timm Joyce Tiong, Jun Wei Lim, Chao-Ming Huang, Pradeep Shukla and Thomas Chung-Kuang Yang
Processes 2019, 7(11), 794; doi:10.3390/pr7110794<>
Article: Numerical Simulations of Polymer Solution Droplet Impact on Surfaces of Different Wettabilities<>
Moussa Tembely, Damien Vadillo, Arthur Soucemarianadin and Ali Dolatabadi
Processes 2019, 7(11), 798; doi:10.3390/pr7110798<>
Article: Multivariate Analysis of Plasma Metabolites in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Gastrointestinal Symptoms Before and After Microbiota Transfer Therapy<>
James B. Adams, Troy Vargason, Dae-Wook Kang, Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown and Juergen Hahn
Processes 2019, 7(11), 806; doi:10.3390/pr7110806<>
Article: Modeling and Thermal Analysis of a Moving Spacecraft Subject to Solar Radiation Effect<>
Mohamed Gadalla, Mehdi Ghommem, George Bourantas and Karol Miller
Processes 2019, 7(11), 807; doi:10.3390/pr7110807<>
Article: Thermophysical Properties and CO2 Absorption of Ammonium-Based Protic Ionic Liquids Containing Acetate and Butyrate Anions<>
Normawati M. Yunus, Nur Hamizah Halim, Cecilia Devi Wilfred, Thanabalan Murugesan, Jun Wei Lim and Pau Loke Show
Processes 2019, 7(11), 820; doi:10.3390/pr7110820<>
Article: Evolution of High-Viscosity Gas–Liquid Flows as Viewed Through a Detrended Fluctuation Characterization<>
J. Hernández, D. F. Galaviz, L. Torres, A. Palacio-Pérez, A. Rodríguez-Valdés and J. E. V. Guzmán
Processes 2019, 7(11), 822; doi:10.3390/pr7110822<>
Article: Experimental and Numerical Analysis of a Sustainable Farming Compartment with Evaporative Cooling System<>
M. Sina Mousavi, Siamak Mirfendereski, Jae Sung Park and Jongwan Eun
Processes 2019, 7(11), 823; doi:10.3390/pr7110823<>
Article: Extremum Seeking Control for Discrete-Time with Quantized and Saturated Actuators<>
Martin Guay and Daniel J. Burns
Processes 2019, 7(11), 831; doi:10.3390/pr7110831<>
Article: Esterification of Free Fatty Acids with Glycerol within the Biodiesel Production Framework<>
Juan Francisco García Martín, Javier Carrión Ruiz, Miguel Torres García, Chao-Hui Feng and Paloma Álvarez Mateos
Processes 2019, 7(11), 832; doi:10.3390/pr7110832<>
Article: Symmetry Detection for Quadratic Optimization Using Binary Layered Graphs<>
Georgia Kouyialis, Xiaoyu Wang and Ruth Misener
Processes 2019, 7(11), 838; doi:10.3390/pr7110838<>
Article: Modern Modeling Paradigms Using Generalized Disjunctive Programming<>
Qi Chen and Ignacio Grossmann
Processes 2019, 7(11), 839; doi:10.3390/pr7110839<>
Article: New Aspects on the Modeling of Dithiolactone-Mediated Radical Polymerization of Vinyl Monomers<>
Anete Joceline Benitez-Carreón, Jesús Guillermo Soriano-Moro, Eduardo Vivaldo-Lima, Ramiro Guerrero-Santos and Alexander Penlidis
Processes 2019, 7(11), 842; doi:10.3390/pr7110842<>
Article: Techno-Economic Implications of Fed-Batch Enzymatic Hydrolysis<>
Ellen Argo and Deepak R. Keshwani
Processes 2019, 7(11), 847; doi:10.3390/pr7110847<>
Article: Development of an Electric Arc Furnace Simulator Based on a Comprehensive Dynamic Process Model<>
Thomas Hay, Thomas Echterhof and Ville-Valtteri Visuri
Processes 2019, 7(11), 852; doi:10.3390/pr7110852<>
Article: Characterization and Modelling Studies of Activated Carbon Produced from Rubber-Seed Shell Using KOH for CO2 Adsorption<>
Azry Borhan, Suzana Yusup, Jun Wei Lim and Pau Loke Show
Processes 2019, 7(11), 855; doi:10.3390/pr7110855<>
Article: Performance Improvement of a Grid-Tied Neutral-Point-Clamped 3-φ Transformerless Inverter Using Model Predictive Control<>
Hani Albalawi and Sherif A. Zaid
Processes 2019, 7(11), 856; doi:10.3390/pr7110856<>
Commentary: Data Science in the Chemical Engineering Curriculum<>
Thomas A. Duever
Processes 2019, 7(11), 830; doi:10.3390/pr7110830<>
Article: Drug Leaching Properties of Vancomycin Loaded Mesoporous Hydroxyapatite as Bone Substitutes<>
Jayasingh Anita Lett, Suresh Sagadevan, Joseph Joyce Prabhakar, Nor Aliya Hamizi, Irfan Anjum Badruddin, Mohd Rafie Johan, Ab Rahman Marlinda, Yasmin Abdul Wahab, Tatagar Mohammad Yunus Khan and Sarfaraz Kamangar
Processes 2019, 7(11), 826; doi:10.3390/pr7110826<>
Green Processes
Article: Simulation of Batch Slow Pyrolysis of Biomass Materials Using the Process-Flow-Diagram COCO Simulator<>
Chaiyot Tangsathitkulchai, Natthaya Punsuwan and Piyarat Weerachanchai
Processes 2019, 7(11), 775; doi:10.3390/pr7110775<>
Article: Evaluating Production Process Efficiency of Provincial Greenhouse Vegetables in China Using Data Envelopment Analysis: A Green and Sustainable Perspective<>
Yuhu Liang, Xu Jing, Yanan Wang, Yan Shi and Junhu Ruan
Processes 2019, 7(11), 780; doi:10.3390/pr7110780<>
Article: Experimental Investigation of Sludge Treatment Using a Rotor-Stator Type Hydrodynamic Cavitation Reactor and an Ultrasonic Bath<>
Hyunsoo Kim, Xun Sun, Bonchan Koo and Joon Yong Yoon
Processes 2019, 7(11), 790; doi:10.3390/pr7110790<>
Article: Oil Recovery from Palm Kernel Meal Using Subcritical Water Extraction in a Stirred Tank Reactor<>
Johnnys Bustillo Maury, Andrés Aldana Rico, Cindy García Pinto, Ingrid Hernández Medina, Juan Urueta Urueta, Jerry W. King and Antonio Bula Silvera
Processes 2019, 7(11), 797; doi:10.3390/pr7110797<>
Article: Optimization of Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Flavonoids from Corn Husks<>
Antonio Zuorro, Roberto Lavecchia, Ángel Darío González-Delgado, Janet Bibiana García-Martinez and Pasqua L’Abbate
Processes 2019, 7(11), 804; doi:10.3390/pr7110804<>
Article: Essential and Recovery Oils from Matricaria chamomilla Flowers as Environmentally Friendly Fungicides Against Four Fungi Isolated from Cultural Heritage Objects<>
Mervat EL-Hefny, Wael A.A. Abo Elgat, Asma A. Al-Huqail and Hayssam M. Ali
Processes 2019, 7(11), 809; doi:10.3390/pr7110809<>
Article: Screening and Diversity Analysis of Aerobic Denitrifying Phosphate Accumulating Bacteria Cultivated from A2O Activated Sludge<>
Yong Li, Siyuan Zhao, Jiejie Zhang, Yang He, Jianqiang Zhang and Rong Ge
Processes 2019, 7(11), 827; doi:10.3390/pr7110827<>
Article: Effects of Processing Conditions on the Simultaneous Extraction and Distribution of Oil and Protein from Almond Flour<>
Neiva M. de Almeida, Fernanda F. G. Dias, Maria I. Rodrigues and Juliana M. L. N. de Moura Bell
Processes 2019, 7(11), 844; doi:10.3390/pr7110844<>
Article: Evaluation of Municipal Solid Wastes Based Energy Potential in Urban Pakistan<>
Muhammad Mobin Siddiqi, Muhammad Nihal Naseer, Yasmin Abdul Wahab, Nor Aliya Hamizi, Irfan Anjum Badruddin, Zaira Zaman Chowdhury, Omid Akbarzadeh, Mohd Rafie Johan, T. M. Yunus Khan and Sarfaraz Kamangar
Processes 2019, 7(11), 848; doi:10.3390/pr7110848<>
Article: Optimization of Baicalin, Wogonoside, and Chlorogenic Acid Water Extraction Process from the Roots of Scutellariae Radix and Lonicerae japonicae Flos Using Response Surface Methodology (RSM)<>
Jichang Li, Rui Wang, Zunlai Sheng, Zhiyong Wu, Chunli Chen and Muhammad Ishfaq
Processes 2019, 7(11), 854; doi:10.3390/pr7110854<>
Article: Assessment of the Toxicity of Natural Oils from Mentha piperita, Pinus roxburghii, and Rosa spp. Against Three Stored Product Insects<>
Marwa I. Mackled, Mervat EL-Hefny, May Bin-Jumah, Trandil F. Wahba and Ahmed A. Allam
Processes 2019, 7(11), 861; doi:10.3390/pr7110861<>
Other Topics
Review: Additive Manufacturing for Repair and Restoration in Remanufacturing: An Overview from Object Design and Systems Perspectives<>
Rahito, D. A. Wahab and A. H. Azman
Processes 2019, 7(11), 802; doi:10.3390/pr7110802<>
Article: An Investigation of the Techno-Economic and Environmental Aspects of Process Heat Source Change in a Refinery<>
Miroslav Variny, Dominika Jediná, Ján Kizek, Peter Illés, Ladislav Lukáč, Ján Janošovský and Marián Lesný
Processes 2019, 7(11), 776; doi:10.3390/pr7110776<>
Article: Fault Classification Decision Fusion System Based on Combination Weights and an Improved Voting Method<>
Fanliang Zeng, Zuxin Li, Zhe Zhou and Shuxin Du
Processes 2019, 7(11), 783; doi:10.3390/pr7110783<>
Article: Numerical Study of the Unsteady Flow Characteristics of a Jet Centrifugal Pump under Multiple Conditions<>
Rong Guo, Rennian Li, Renhui Zhang and Wei Han
Processes 2019, 7(11), 786; doi:10.3390/pr7110786<>
Article: Titanium Distribution Ratio Model of Ladle Furnace Slags for Tire Cord Steel Production Based on the Ion–Molecule Coexistence Theory at 1853 K<>
Jialiu Lei, Dongnan Zhao, Wei Feng and Zhengliang Xue
Processes 2019, 7(11), 788; doi:10.3390/pr7110788<>
Article: Sustainable Design and Engineering: A Relationship Analysis between Digital Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing Process for Lightweight Concrete<>
Muhammad Ahmed Qurashi, Syyed Adnan Raheel Shah, Muhammad Farhan, Muhammad Taufiq, Waleed Khalid, Hunain Arshad, Muhammad Tayyab, Gullnaz Shahzadi and Muhammad Waseem
Processes 2019, 7(11), 791; doi:10.3390/pr7110791<>
Article: Research on the Vertical Vibration Characteristics of Hydraulic Screw Down System of Rolling Mill under Nonlinear Friction<>
Yongshun Zhang, Wanlu Jiang, Yong Zhu and Zhenbao Li
Processes 2019, 7(11), 792; doi:10.3390/pr7110792<>
Article: Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Radiated Noise Characteristics of the Multistage Centrifugal Pump<>
Qiaorui Si, Biaobiao Wang, Jianping Yuan, Kaile Huang, Gang Lin and Chuan Wang
Processes 2019, 7(11), 793; doi:10.3390/pr7110793<>
Article: The Effect of Fines on Hydraulic Conductivity of Lawrencepur, Chenab and Ravi Sand<>
Tanveer Ahmed Khan, Khalid Farooq, Mirza Muhammad, Mudasser Muneer Khan, Syyed Adnan Raheel Shah, Muhammad Shoaib, Muhammad Asif Aslam and Syed Safdar Raza
Processes 2019, 7(11), 796; doi:10.3390/pr7110796<>
Article: Flow Characteristics and Stress Analysis of a Parallel Gate Valve<>
Hui Wu, Jun-ye Li and Zhi-xin Gao
Processes 2019, 7(11), 803; doi:10.3390/pr7110803<>
Article: Natural Frequency Sensitivity Analysis of Fire-Fighting Jet System with Adaptive Gun Head<>
Xiaoming Yuan, Xuan Zhu, Chu Wang, Lijie Zhang and Yong Zhu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 808; doi:10.3390/pr7110808<>
Article: Energy Saving and Low-Cost-Oriented Design Processes of Blank’s Dimensions Based on Multi-Objective Optimization Model<>
Yongmao Xiao, Qingshan Gong and Xiaowu Chen
Processes 2019, 7(11), 811; doi:10.3390/pr7110811<>
Article: Analysis of the Risk Impact of Implementing Digital Innovations for Logistics Management<>
Agnieszka Barczak, Izabela Dembińska and Łukasz Marzantowicz
Processes 2019, 7(11), 815; doi:10.3390/pr7110815<>
Article: Wavelet Analysis of the Effect of Injection Strategies on Cycle to Cycle Variation GDI Optical Engine under Clean and Fouled Injector<>
Omar I. Awad, Zhou Zhang, Mohammed Kamil, Xiao Ma, Obed Majeed Ali and Shijin Shuai
Processes 2019, 7(11), 817; doi:10.3390/pr7110817<>
Article: Feature Extraction Method for Hydraulic Pump Fault Signal Based on Improved Empirical Wavelet Transform<>
Zhi Zheng, Zhijun Wang, Yong Zhu, Shengnan Tang and Baozhong Wang
Processes 2019, 7(11), 824; doi:10.3390/pr7110824<>
Article: Investment Decisions of Fired Power Plants on Carbon Utilization under the Imperfect Carbon Emission Trading Schemes in China<>
Weiwei Zhang and Linlin Liu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 828; doi:10.3390/pr7110828<>
Article: Pressure Drop and Cavitation Analysis on Sleeve Regulating Valve<>
Chang Qiu, Cheng-Hang Jiang, Han Zhang, Jia-Yi Wu and Zhi-Jiang Jin
Processes 2019, 7(11), 829; doi:10.3390/pr7110829<>
Article: Performance Evaluation Using Multivariate Non-Normal Process Capability<>
Moath Alatefi, Shafiq Ahmad and Mohammed Alkahtani
Processes 2019, 7(11), 833; doi:10.3390/pr7110833<>
Article: Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Carbon Storage in Response to Urbanization: A Case Study in the Su-Xi-Chang Region, China<>
Qi Fu, Liangliang Xu, Hongyu Zheng and Jinhua Chen
Processes 2019, 7(11), 836; doi:10.3390/pr7110836<>
Article: Wind Power Short-Term Forecasting Hybrid Model Based on CEEMD-SE Method<>
Keke Wang, Dongxiao Niu, Lijie Sun, Hao Zhen, Jian Liu, Gejirifu De and Xiaomin Xu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 843; doi:10.3390/pr7110843<>
Article: Novel Parallel Heterogeneous Meta-Heuristic and Its Communication Strategies for the Prediction of Wind Power<>
Jeng-Shyang Pan, Pei Hu and Shu-Chuan Chu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 845; doi:10.3390/pr7110845<>
Article: Theoretical Analysis of Forced Segmented Temperature Gradients in Liquid Chromatography<>
Adnan Hayat, Xinghai An, Shamsul Qamar, Gerald Warnecke and Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern
Processes 2019, 7(11), 846; doi:10.3390/pr7110846<>
Article: Dynamic Semi-Quantitative Risk Research in Chemical Plants<>
Qiusheng Song, Peng Jiang, Song Zheng, Yaguang Kong, Ye Zhao and Gang Shen
Processes 2019, 7(11), 849; doi:10.3390/pr7110849<>
Article: Structural Influence and Interactive Binding Behavior of Dopamine and Norepinephrine on the Greek-Key-Like Core of α-Synuclein Protofibril Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations<>
Yu Zou, Zhiwei Liu, Zhiqiang Zhu and Zhenyu Qian
Processes 2019, 7(11), 850; doi:10.3390/pr7110850<>
Article: Valorization of Industrial Vegetable Waste Using Dilute HCl Pretreatment<>
Donald Blue, Dhan Lord Fortela, William Holmes, David LaCour, Shayla LeBoeuf, Cody Stelly, Ramalingam Subramaniam, Rafael Hernandez, Mark E. Zappi and Emmanuel D. Revellame
Processes 2019, 7(11), 853; doi:10.3390/pr7110853<>
Article: Non-Structural Damage Verification of the High Pressure Pump Assembly Ball Valve in the Gasoline Direct Injection Vehicle System<>
Liang Lu, Qilong Xue, Manyi Zhang, Liangliang Liu and Zhongyu Wu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 857; doi:10.3390/pr7110857<>
Article: Design, Simulation, and Experiment of an LTCC-Based Xenon Micro Flow Control Device for an Electric Propulsion System<>
Chang-Bin Guan, Yan Shen, Zhao-Pu Yao, Zhao-Li Wang, Mei-Jie Zhang, Ke Nan and Huan-Huan Hui
Processes 2019, 7(11), 862; doi:10.3390/pr7110862<>
Computational Methods
Article: Multi-Objective Predictive Control Optimization with Varying Term Objectives: A Wind Farm Case Study<>
Clara M. Ionescu, Constantin F. Caruntu, Ricardo Cajo, Mihaela Ghita, Guillaume Crevecoeur and Cosmin Copot
Processes 2019, 7(11), 778; doi:10.3390/pr7110778<>
Article: A PSO-Based Recurrent Closed-Loop Optimization Method for Multiple Controller Single-Output Thermal Engineering Systems<>
Xingjian Liu and Lei Pan
Processes 2019, 7(11), 784; doi:10.3390/pr7110784<>
Article: Automatic Hybrid Attack Graph (AHAG) Generation for Complex Engineering Systems<>
Mariam Ibrahim and Ahmad Alsheikh
Processes 2019, 7(11), 787; doi:10.3390/pr7110787<>
Article: Reliability Evaluation Method Considering Demand Response (DR) of Household Electrical Equipment in Distribution Networks<>
Hongzhong Chen, Jun Tang, Lei Sun, Jiawei Zhou, Xiaolei Wang and Yeying Mao
Processes 2019, 7(11), 799; doi:10.3390/pr7110799<>
Article: A Dispatching Optimization Model for Park Power Supply Systems Considering Power-to-Gas and Peak Regulation Compensation<>
Yunfu Qin, Hongyu Lin, Zhongfu Tan, Qingyou Yan, Li Li, Shenbo Yang, Gejirifu De and Liwei Ju
Processes 2019, 7(11), 813; doi:10.3390/pr7110813<>
Article: Hybrid Integrations of Value Stream Mapping, Theory of Constraints and Simulation: Application to Wooden Furniture Industry<>
Emad Alzubi, Anas M. Atieh, Khaleel Abu Shgair, John Damiani, Sima Sunna and Abdallah Madi
Processes 2019, 7(11), 816; doi:10.3390/pr7110816<>
Article: The Rotating Components Performance Diagnosis of Gas Turbine Based on the Hybrid Filter<>
Li Zeng, Shaojiang Dong and Wei Long
Processes 2019, 7(11), 819; doi:10.3390/pr7110819<>
Article: A Mechanistic Model of Mass Transfer in the Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from Intact Sorghum Pericarp<>
Devi Yuni Susanti, Wahyudi Budi Sediawan, Mohammad Fahrurrozi and Muslikhin Hidayat
Processes 2019, 7(11), 837; doi:10.3390/pr7110837<>
Article: Salp Swarm Optimization Algorithm-Based Controller for Dynamic Response and Power Quality Enhancement of an Islanded Microgrid<>
Touqeer Ahmed Jumani, Mohd. Wazir Mustafa, Madihah Md. Rasid, Waqas Anjum and Sara Ayub
Processes 2019, 7(11), 840; doi:10.3390/pr7110840<>
Biological Systems
Article: Taste Masking of Nizatidine Using Ion-Exchange Resins<>
Pattaraporn Panraksa, Kasidech Boonsermsukcharoen, Kyu-Mok Hwang, Eun-Seok Park and Pensak Jantrawut
Processes 2019, 7(11), 779; doi:10.3390/pr7110779<>
Article: Adaptive Control of Biomass Specific Growth Rate in Fed-Batch Biotechnological Processes. A Comparative Study<>
Vytautas Galvanauskas, Rimvydas Simutis and Vygandas Vaitkus
Processes 2019, 7(11), 810; doi:10.3390/pr7110810<>
Article: Inhibition of Key Enzymes Linked to Obesity and Cytotoxic Activities of Whole Plant Extracts of Vernonia mesplilfolia Less<>
Jeremiah Oshiomame Unuofin, Gloria Aderonke Otunola and Anthony Jide Afolayan
Processes 2019, 7(11), 841; doi:10.3390/pr7110841<>
Chemical Systems
Article: Density Functional Theory Analysis of the Adsorption Interactions of Carbon Impurities in Coal-associated Kaolinite<>
Fangqin Lu, Lingyun Liu, Fanfei Min, Jun Chen and Mingxu Zhang
Processes 2019, 7(11), 782; doi:10.3390/pr7110782<>
Article: Determination of the Least Impactful Municipal Solid Waste Management Option in Harare, Zimbabwe<>
Trust Nhubu and Edison Muzenda
Processes 2019, 7(11), 785; doi:10.3390/pr7110785<>
Article: The Fast Potential Evaluation Method of Enhanced Oil Recovery Based on Statistical Analysis<>
Zhengbo Wang, Qiang Wang, Desheng Ma, Wanchun Zhao, Xiaohan Feng and Zhaoxia Liu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 795; doi:10.3390/pr7110795<>
Article: Effect of Ammonia Activation and Chemical Vapor Deposition on the Physicochemical Structure of Activated Carbons for CO2 Adsorption<>
Dongdong Liu, Jinming Li, Jiaqi Dong, Song Li, Weizhi Feng and Boyin Jia
Processes 2019, 7(11), 801; doi:10.3390/pr7110801<>
Article: Mechanism and Kinetics of Ammonium Sulfate Roasting of Boron-Bearing Iron Tailings for Enhanced Metal Extraction<>
Xiaoshu Lv, Fuhui Cui, Zhiqiang Ning, Michael L. Free and Yuchun Zhai
Processes 2019, 7(11), 812; doi:10.3390/pr7110812<>
Article: Knowledge Mapping of Carbon Footprint Research in a LCA Perspective: A Visual Analysis Using CiteSpace<>
Shihu Zhong, Rong Chen, Fei Song and Yanmin Xu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 818; doi:10.3390/pr7110818<>
Article: A Calculation Model of the Dimensionless Productivity Index Based on Non-Piston Leading Edge Propulsion Theory in Multiple Oilfield Development Phases<>
Bin Huang, Qiaoyue Liang, Cheng Fu, Chunbai He, Kaoping Song and Jinzi Liu
Processes 2019, 7(11), 821; doi:10.3390/pr7110821<>
Article: Optimal Design of Experiments for Liquid–Liquid Equilibria Characterization via Semidefinite Programming<>
Belmiro P.M. Duarte, Anthony C. Atkinson, José F.O. Granjo and Nuno M.C. Oliveira
Processes 2019, 7(11), 834; doi:10.3390/pr7110834<>
Article: Modifying Nanoporous Carbon through Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation for Removal of Metronidazole Antibiotics from Simulated Wastewater<>
Teguh Ariyanto, Rut Aprillia Galuh Sarwendah, Yove Maulana Novirdaus Amimmal, William Teja Laksmana and Imam Prasetyo
Processes 2019, 7(11), 835; doi:10.3390/pr7110835<>
Article: Thermo-Diffusion and Multi-Slip Effect on an Axisymmetric Casson Flow over a Unsteady Radially Stretching Sheet in the Presence of Chemical Reaction<>
Faraz Faraz, Syed Muhammad Imran, Bagh Ali and Sajjad Haider
Processes 2019, 7(11), 851; doi:10.3390/pr7110851<>
Article: Insights into the Fouling Propensities of Natural Derived Alginate Blocks during the Microfiltration Process<>
Shujuan Meng, Rui Wang, Minmin Zhang, Xianghao Meng, Hongju Liu and Liang Wang
Processes 2019, 7(11), 858; doi:10.3390/pr7110858<>
Article: Green Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles of Myrtus communis L (AgMC) Extract Inhibits Cancer Hallmarks via Targeting Aldose Reductase (AR) and Associated Signaling Network<>
Abdulwahab Ali Abuderman, Rabbani Syed, Abdullah A. Alyousef, Mohammed S. Alqahtani, Mohammad Shamsul Ola and Abdul Malik
Processes 2019, 7(11), 860; doi:10.3390/pr7110860<>
Materials Processes
Article: The Synthesis of N-(Pyridin-2-yl)-Benzamides from Aminopyridine and Trans-Beta-Nitrostyrene by Fe2Ni-BDC Bimetallic Metal–Organic Frameworks<>
Trinh Duy Nguyen, Oanh Kim Thi Nguyen, Thuan Van Tran, Vinh Huu Nguyen, Long Giang Bach, Nhan Viet Tran, Dai-Viet N. Vo, Tuyen Van Nguyen, Seong-Soo Hong and Sy Trung Do
Processes 2019, 7(11), 789; doi:10.3390/pr7110789<>
Article: Simultaneous Removal of Calconcarboxylic Acid, NH4+ and PO43− from Pharmaceutical Effluent Using Iron Oxide-Biochar Nanocomposite Loaded with Pseudomonas putida<>
Saifeldin M. Siddeeg, Mohamed A. Tahoon and Faouzi Ben Rebah
Processes 2019, 7(11), 800; doi:10.3390/pr7110800<>
Article: The Engineering of Porous Silica and Hollow Silica Nanoparticles to Enhance Drug-loading Capacity<>
Ngoc-Tram Nguyen-Thi, Linh Phuong Pham Tran, Ngoc Thuy Trang Le, Minh-Tri Cao, The-Nam Tran, Ngoc Tung Nguyen, Cong Hao Nguyen, Dai-Hai Nguyen, Van Thai Than, Quang Tri Le and Nguyen Quang Trung
Processes 2019, 7(11), 805; doi:10.3390/pr7110805<>
Article: Interaction of Wu’s Slip Features in Bioconvection of Eyring Powell Nanoparticles with Activation Energy<>
Anas M. Alwatban, Sami Ullah Khan, Hassan Waqas and Iskander Tlili
Processes 2019, 7(11), 859; doi:10.3390/pr7110859<>

Special Issues Open for Submissions
Process Optimization and Control<>
(Deadline: 10 December 2019)

CFD Modeling of Complex Chemical Processes: Multiscale and Multiphysics Challenges<>
(Deadline: 15 December 2019)

Green Technologies: Bridging Conventional Practices and Industry 4.0<>
(Deadline: 15 December 2019)

Extraction, Characterization and Pharmacology of Natural Products<>
(Deadline: 15 December 2019)

Protein Biosynthesis and Drug Design & Delivery Processes<>
(Deadline: 20 December 2019)

To access the full list of Special Issues, please click here<>

Topical Collections (without Deadline)
Process Data Analytics<>

Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production<>

To access the full list of Topical Collections, please click here<>

Recent Special Issue Reprints
Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems<>
Thomas A. Adams II (Ed.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-518-8 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-519-5 (PDF)

Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media<>
Richeng Liu and Yujing Jiang (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-423-5 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-424-2 (PDF)

Fluid Flow in Fractured Porous Media<>
Richeng Liu and Yujing Jiang (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-473-0 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-474-7 (PDF)

Process Modelling and Simulation<>
Cesar De Prada, Costas Pantelides and Jose Luis Pitarch (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-455-6 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-456-3 (PDF)

Methods in Computational Biology<>
Ross Carlson and Herbert Sauro (Eds.)
ISBN 978-3-03921-163-0 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03921-164-7 (PDF)

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