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On-Line Optimal Input Design Increases the Efficiency and Accuracy of the Modelling of an Inducible Synthetic Promoter
Processes, Volume 6, Issue 9 (September 2018)

Table of Contents

Cover Story
On-Line Optimal Input Design Increases the Efficiency and Accuracy of the Modelling of an Inducible Synthetic Promoter<>
Lucia Bandiera, Zhaozheng Hou, Varun B. Kothamachu, Eva Balsa-Canto, Peter S. Swain and Filippo Menolascina
Processes 2018, 6(9), 148; doi:10.3390/pr6090148<>
Featured Papers
Improving Flexibility and Energy Efficiency of Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Plants Using Economic Model Predictive Control<>
Benjamin Decardi-Nelson, Su Liu and Jinfeng Liu
Processes 2018, 6(9), 135; doi:10.3390/pr6090135<>
Identifiability and Reconstruction of Biochemical Reaction Networks from Population Snapshot Data<>
Eugenio Cinquemani
Processes 2018, 6(9), 136; doi:10.3390/pr6090136<>
A Systems and Treatment Perspective of Models of Influenza Virus-Induced Host Responses<>
Ericka Mochan, Emily E. Ackerman and Jason E. Shoemaker
Processes 2018, 6(9), 138; doi:10.3390/pr6090138<>
Valorization of Shale Gas Condensate to Liquid Hydrocarbons through Catalytic Dehydrogenation and Oligomerization<>
Taufik Ridha, Yiru Li, Emre Gençer, Jeffrey J. Siirola, Jeffrey T. Miller, Fabio H. Ribeiro and Rakesh Agrawal
Processes 2018, 6(9), 139; doi:10.3390/pr6090139<>
Challenges in Nanofluidics—Beyond Navier–Stokes at the Molecular Scale<>
Peter J. Daivis and Billy D. Todd
Processes 2018, 6(9), 144; doi:10.3390/pr6090144<>
Diffusion in Nanoporous Materials: Novel Insights by Combining MAS and PFG NMR<>
Jörg Kärger, Dieter Freude and Jürgen Haase
Processes 2018, 6(9), 147; doi:10.3390/pr6090147<>
Dopamine Incorporated Forward Osmosis Membranes with High Structural Stability and Chlorine Resistance<>
Yi Wang, Zhendong Fang, Chaoxin Xie, Shuaifei Zhao, Derrick Ng and Zongli Xie
Processes 2018, 6(9), 151; doi:10.3390/pr6090151<>
Model Development and Validation of Fluid Bed Wet Granulation with Dry Binder Addition Using a Population Balance Model Methodology<>
Shashank Venkat Muddu, Ashutosh Tamrakar, Preetanshu Pandey and Rohit Ramachandran
Processes 2018, 6(9), 154; doi:10.3390/pr6090154<>
Mathematical Modeling of RBC Count Dynamics after Blood Loss<>
Manuel Tetschke, Patrick Lilienthal, Torben Pottgiesser, Thomas Fischer, Enrico Schalk and Sebastian Sager
Processes 2018, 6(9), 157; doi:10.3390/pr6090157<>
Effect of the Length-to-Width Aspect Ratio of a Cuboid Packed-Bed Device on Efficiency of Chromatographic Separation<>
Guoqiang Chen and Raja Ghosh
Processes 2018, 6(9), 160; doi:10.3390/pr6090160<>
Photocatalytic Membranes in Photocatalytic Membrane Reactors<>
Pietro Argurio, Enrica Fontananova, Raffaele Molinari and Enrico Drioli
Processes 2018, 6(9), 162; doi:10.3390/pr6090162<>
Population Balance Modeling and Opinion Dynamics—A Mutually Beneficial Liaison?<>
Michael Kuhn, Christoph Kirse and Heiko Briesen
Processes 2018, 6(9), 164; doi:10.3390/pr6090164<>
Recent Advance on Draw Solutes Development in Forward Osmosis<>
Qingwu Long, Yongmei Jia, Jinping Li, Jiawei Yang, Fangmei Liu, Jian Zheng and Biao Yu
Processes 2018, 6(9), 165; doi:10.3390/pr6090165<>
Basic Dye Removal with Sorption onto Low-Cost Natural Textile Fibers<>
George Z. Kyzas, Evi Christodoulou and Dimitrios N. Bikiaris
Processes 2018, 6(9), 166; doi:10.3390/pr6090166<>
Modeling Permeation through Mixed-Matrix Membranes: A Review<>
Gloria M. Monsalve-Bravo and Suresh K. Bhatia
Processes 2018, 6(9), 172; doi:10.3390/pr6090172<>
Other Topics
Photocatalytic Inactivation of Enterobacter cloacae and Escherichia coli Using Titanium Dioxide Supported on Two Substrates<>
Yelitza Aguas, Margarita Hincapié, Camilo Sánchez, Liliana Botero and Pilar Fernández-Ibañez
Processes 2018, 6(9), 137; doi:10.3390/pr6090137<>
Simulation and Analysis of Oleic Acid Pretreatment for Microwave-Assisted Biodiesel Production<>
Weiquan Ma, Tao Hong, Tian Xie, Fengxia Wang, Bin Luo, Jie Zhou, Yang Yang, Huacheng Zhu and Kama Huang
Processes 2018, 6(9), 142; doi:10.3390/pr6090142<>
Simulation and Test Bed of a Low-Power Digital Excitation System for Industry 4.0<>
Jun-Ho Huh and Hoon-Gi Lee
Processes 2018, 6(9), 145; doi:10.3390/pr6090145<>
A Numerical Study of Stress Distribution and Fracture Development above a Protective Coal Seam in Longwall Mining<>
Chunlei Zhang, Lei Yu, Ruimin Feng, Yong Zhang and Guojun Zhang
Processes 2018, 6(9), 146; doi:10.3390/pr6090146<>
Analysis of Overlying Strata Movement and Disaster-Causing Effects of Coal Mining Face under the Action of Hard Thick Magmatic Rock<>
Quanlin Wu, Quansen Wu, Yanchao Xue, Peng Kong and Bin Gong
Processes 2018, 6(9), 150; doi:10.3390/pr6090150<>
Shear-Flow Coupled Behavior of Artificial Joints with Sawtooth Asperities<>
Cheng Zhao, Rui Zhang, Qingzhao Zhang, Zhenming Shi and Songbo Yu
Processes 2018, 6(9), 152; doi:10.3390/pr6090152<>
Temporal Mixing Behavior of Conservative Solute Transport through 2D Self-Affine Fractures<>
Zhi Dou, Brent Sleep, Pulin Mondal, Qiaona Guo, Jingou Wang and Zhifang Zhou
Processes 2018, 6(9), 158; doi:10.3390/pr6090158<>
Time-Based Trend of Carbon Emissions in the Composting Process of Swine Manure in the Context of Agriculture 4.0<>
Jun-Ho Huh and Ki-Youn Kim
Processes 2018, 6(9), 168; doi:10.3390/pr6090168<>
Numerical Investigation of the Failure Mechanism of Transversely Isotropic Rocks with a Particle Flow Modeling Method<>
Xu-Xu Yang, Hong-Wen Jing and Wei-Guo Qiao
Processes 2018, 6(9), 171; doi:10.3390/pr6090171<>
Chemical Systems
Facile Fabrication of Recyclable, Superhydrophobic, and Oleophilic Sorbent from Waste Cigarette Filters for the Sequestration of Oil Pollutants from an Aqueous Environment<>
Augustine O. Ifelebuegu, Egetadobobari E. Lale, Fredrick U. Mbanaso and Stephen C. Theophilus
Processes 2018, 6(9), 140; doi:10.3390/pr6090140<>
Adsorptive Properties of Poly(1-methylpyrrol-2-ylsquaraine) Particles for the Removal of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals from Aqueous Solutions: Batch and Fixed-Bed Column Studies<>
Augustine O. Ifelebuegu, Habibath T. Salauh, Yihuai Zhang and Daniel E. Lynch
Processes 2018, 6(9), 155; doi:10.3390/pr6090155<>
Mass Transfer in Multiphasic Gas/Liquid/Liquid Systems. KLa Determination Using the Effectiveness-Number of Transfer Unit Method<>
Éric Dumont
Processes 2018, 6(9), 156; doi:10.3390/pr6090156<>
Integration of Process Modeling, Design, and Optimization with an Experimental Study of a Solar-Driven Humidification and Dehumidification Desalination System<>
Mohammed Alghamdi, Faissal Abdel-Hady, A. K. Mazher and Abdulrahim Alzahrani
Processes 2018, 6(9), 163; doi:10.3390/pr6090163<>
Biological Systems
Agent-Based Modeling of Immune Response to Study the Effects of Regulatory T Cells in Type 1 Diabetes<>
Qian Xu, Mustafa Cagdas Ozturk and Ali Cinar
Processes 2018, 6(9), 141; doi:10.3390/pr6090141<>
Towards an Aspect-Oriented Design and Modelling Framework for Synthetic Biology<>
Philipp Boeing, Miriam Leon, Darren N. Nesbeth, Anthony Finkelstein and Chris P. Barnes
Processes 2018, 6(9), 167; doi:10.3390/pr6090167<>
Influence of Organic Ligands on the Colloidal Stability and Removal of ZnO Nanoparticles from Synthetic Waters by Coagulation<>
Rizwan Khan, Muhammad Ali Inam, Du Ri Park, Saba Zam Zam, Sookyo Shin, Sarfaraz Khan, Muhammad Akram and Ick Tae Yeom
Processes 2018, 6(9), 170; doi:10.3390/pr6090170<>
Materials Processes
Supported Ionic Liquid Membranes for Separation of Lignin Aqueous Solutions<>
Ricardo Abejón, Javier Rabadán, Silvia Lanza, Azucena Abejón, Aurora Garea and Angel Irabien
Processes 2018, 6(9), 143; doi:10.3390/pr6090143<>
Computational Methods
Energy and Exergy Analysis of the S-CO2 Brayton Cycle Coupled with Bottoming Cycles<>
Muhammad Ehtisham Siddiqui, Aqeel Ahmad Taimoor and Khalid H. Almitani
Processes 2018, 6(9), 153; doi:10.3390/pr6090153<>
Dynamic Modeling and Control of an Integrated Reformer-Membrane-Fuel Cell System<>
Pravin P. S., Ravindra D. Gudi and Sharad Bhartiya
Processes 2018, 6(9), 169; doi:10.3390/pr6090169<>
Other Papers in the issue
Quantitative Estimates of Nonlinear Flow Characteristics of Deformable Rough-Walled Rock Fractures with Various Lithologies<>
Qian Yin, Lixin He, Hongwen Jing and Dong Zhu
Processes 2018, 6(9), 149; doi:10.3390/pr6090149<>
The Seepage Control of the Tunnel Excavated in High-Pressure Water Condition Using Multiple Times Grouting Method<>
Bin Gong, Yujing Jiang, Keisuke Okatsu, Xuezhen Wu, Jin Teduka and Koichi Aoki
Processes 2018, 6(9), 159; doi:10.3390/pr6090159<>
Systematic and Model-Assisted Process Design for the Extraction and Purification of Artemisinin from Artemisia annua L.—Part I: Conceptual Process Design and Cost Estimation<>
Maximilian Sixt, Axel Schmidt, Fabian Mestmäcker, Maximilian Johannes Huter, Lukas Uhlenbrock and Jochen Strube
Processes 2018, 6(9), 161; doi:10.3390/pr6090161<>

Special Issues Open for Submissions
Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems<>
(Deadline: 15 October 2018)

Thin Film Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Recent Advances in Population Balance Modeling<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Transport of Fluids in Nanoporous Materials<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Computational Synthetic Biology<>
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein Supply<>
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

Process Design, Integration, and Intensification<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

Physics and Mechanics of Biofilms: Modelling and Experimental Characterizations<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

Multiphase Reaction Engineering, Reactors and Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

Methods in Computational Biology<>
(Deadline: 31 December 2018)

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Topical Collections (without Deadline)
Process Data Analytics<>

Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production<>

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