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"Chemical Engineers in Computing and Systems Technology, AIChE" <[log in to unmask]>
Michael Henson <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 25 May 2018 00:59:54 +0000
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Michael Henson <[log in to unmask]>
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Mathematical Modeling of Metastatic Cancer Migration through a Remodeling Extracellular Matrix
Processes, Volume 6, Issue 5 (May 2018)

Table of Contents

Cover Story
Mathematical Modeling of Metastatic Cancer Migration through a Remodeling Extracellular Matrix<>
Yen T. Nguyen Edalgo and Ashlee N. Ford Versypt
Processes 2018, 6(5), 58; doi:10.3390/pr6050058<>
Featured Papers
Measuring Cellular Biomass Composition for Computational Biology Applications<>
Ashley E. Beck, Kristopher A. Hunt and Ross P. Carlson
Processes 2018, 6(5), 38; doi:10.3390/pr6050038<>
ADAR Mediated RNA Editing Modulates MicroRNA Targeting in Human Breast Cancer<>
Justin T. Roberts, Dillon G. Patterson, Valeria M. King, Shivam V. Amin, Caroline J. Polska, Dominika Houserova, Aline Crucello, Emmaline C. Barnhill, Molly M. Miller, Timothy D. Sherman and Glen M. Borchert
Processes 2018, 6(5), 42; doi:10.3390/pr6050042<>
Cuboid Packed-Beds as Chemical Reactors?<>
Raja Ghosh
Processes 2018, 6(5), 44; doi:10.3390/pr6050044<>
Substrate Effect on Carbon/Ceramic Mixed Matrix Membrane Prepared by a Vacuum-Assisted Method for Desalination<>
Yingjun Song, Julius Motuzas, David K. Wang, Greg Birkett, Simon Smart and João C. Diniz da Costa
Processes 2018, 6(5), 47; doi:10.3390/pr6050047<>
An Integrated Approach to Water-Energy Nexus in Shale-Gas Production<>
Fadhil Y. Al-Aboosi and Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi
Processes 2018, 6(5), 52; doi:10.3390/pr6050052<>
A Systematic Framework for Data Management and Integration in a Continuous Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processing Line<>
Huiyi Cao, Srinivas Mushnoori, Barry Higgins, Chandrasekhar Kollipara, Adam Fermier, Douglas Hausner, Shantenu Jha, Ravendra Singh, Marianthi Ierapetritou and Rohit Ramachandran
Processes 2018, 6(5), 53; doi:10.3390/pr6050053<>
The Spectrum of Mechanism-Oriented Models and Methods for Explanations of Biological Phenomena<>
C. Anthony Hunt, Ahmet Erdemir, William W. Lytton, Feilim Mac Gabhann, Edward A. Sander, Mark K. Transtrum and Lealem Mulugeta
Processes 2018, 6(5), 56; doi:10.3390/pr6050056<>
EPO Dosage Optimization for Anemia Management: Stochastic Control under Uncertainty Using Conditional Value at Risk<>
Jayson McAllister, Zukui Li, Jinfeng Liu and Ulrich Simonsmeier
Processes 2018, 6(5), 60; doi:10.3390/pr6050060<>
A Review on the Separation of Lithium Ion from Leach Liquors of Primary and Secondary Resources by Solvent Extraction with Commercial Extractants<>
Thi Hong Nguyen and Man Seung Lee
Processes 2018, 6(5), 55; doi:10.3390/pr6050055<>
FluxVisualizer, a Software to Visualize Fluxes through Metabolic Networks<>
Tim Daniel Rose and Jean-Pierre Mazat
Processes 2018, 6(5), 39; doi:10.3390/pr6050039<>
Advanced Heterogeneous Fenton Treatment of Coalbed Methane-Produced Water Containing Fracturing Fluid<>
Meng Zhang and Wei Gu
Processes 2018, 6(5), 40; doi:10.3390/pr6050040<>
Recovery of Filtered Graphene Oxide Residue Using Elastic Gel Packed in a Column by Cross Flow<>
Yuji Takaoka, Manoka Miyoshi, Koichi Sakaguchi, Shintaro Morisada, Keisuke Ohto and Hidetaka Kawakita
Processes 2018, 6(5), 43; doi:10.3390/pr6050043<>
Ionic Liquid (1-Butyl-3-Metylimidazolium Methane Sulphonate) Corrosion and Energy Analysis for High Pressure CO2 Absorption Process<>
Aqeel Ahmad Taimoor, Saad Al-Shahrani and Ayyaz Muhammad
Processes 2018, 6(5), 45; doi:10.3390/pr6050045<>
A Distributed Approach towards Improved Dissemination Protocol for Smooth Handover in MediaSense IoT Platform<>
Shabir Ahmad, Ishfaq Hussain, Muhammad Fayaz and Do-Hyeun Kim
Processes 2018, 6(5), 46; doi:10.3390/pr6050046<>
Optimal Control Strategy for TB-HIV/AIDS Co-Infection Model in the Presence of Behaviour Modification<>
Temesgen Debas Awoke and Semu Mitiku Kassa
Processes 2018, 6(5), 48; doi:10.3390/pr6050048<>
The Effect of Joint Dip Angle on the Mechanical Behavior of Infilled Jointed Rock Masses under Uniaxial and Biaxial Compressions<>
Guansheng Han, Hongwen Jing, Yujing Jiang, Richeng Liu, Haijian Su and Jiangyu Wu
Processes 2018, 6(5), 49; doi:10.3390/pr6050049<>
Membrane Fouling Characteristics of a Side-Stream Tubular Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor (AnMBR) Treating Domestic Wastewater<>
Nsanzumukiza Martin Vincent, Juan Tong, Dawei Yu, Junya Zhang and Yuansong Wei
Processes 2018, 6(5), 50; doi:10.3390/pr6050050<>
Key Parameters of Gob-Side Entry Retaining in A Gassy and Thin Coal Seam with Hard Roof<>
Shuai Yan, Tianxiao Liu, Jianbiao Bai and Wenda Wu
Processes 2018, 6(5), 51; doi:10.3390/pr6050051<>
Synthesis and Characterization of Ampholytic Flocculant CPCTS-g-P (CTA-DMDAAC) and Its Flocculation Properties for Microcystis Aeruginosa Removal<>
Lei Chen, Cuiyun Liu, Yongjun Sun, Wenquan Sun, Yanhua Xu and Huaili Zheng
Processes 2018, 6(5), 54; doi:10.3390/pr6050054<>
Impact of Metaheuristic Iteration on Artificial Neural Network Structure in Medical Data<>
Ihsan Salman, Osman N. Ucan, Oguz Bayat and Khalid Shaker
Processes 2018, 6(5), 57; doi:10.3390/pr6050057<>
A Facile Synthesis of Hexagonal Spinel λ-MnO2 Ion-Sieves for Highly Selective Li+ Adsorption<>
Fan Yang, Sichong Chen, Chentao Shi, Feng Xue, Xiaoxian Zhang, Shengui Ju and Weihong Xing
Processes 2018, 6(5), 59; doi:10.3390/pr6050059<>
A Blended Risk Index Modeling and Visualization Based on Hierarchical Fuzzy Logic for Water Supply Pipelines Assessment and Management<>
Muhammad Fayaz, Shabir Ahmad, Israr Ullah and DoHyeun Kim
Processes 2018, 6(5), 61; doi:10.3390/pr6050061<>
Special Issue: Microbial Community Modeling: Prediction of Microbial Interactions and Community Dynamics<>
Hyun-Seob Song
Processes 2018, 6(5), 41; doi:10.3390/pr6050041<>

Special Issues Open for Submissions
Transport of Fluids in Nanoporous Materials<>
(Deadline: 28 June 2018)

Modeling & Control of Disease States<>
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Methods in Computational Biology<>
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Novel Membrane Technologies for Traditional Industrial Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 July 2018)

Membrane Materials, Performance and Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 August 2018)

Modeling and Simulation of Energy Systems<>
(Deadline: 15 September 2018)

Physics and Mechanics of Biofilms: Modelling and Experimental Characterizations<>
(Deadline: 30 September 2018)

Thin Film Processes<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Recent Advances in Population Balance Modeling<>
(Deadline: 31 October 2018)

Computational Synthetic Biology<>
(Deadline: 30 November 2018)

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Process Data Analytics<>

Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production<>

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