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"Chemical Engineers in Computing and Systems Technology, AIChE" <[log in to unmask]>
Michael Henson <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 3 Jan 2017 14:51:28 +0000
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Michael Henson <[log in to unmask]>
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Dear Readers,

We are pleased to announce the publication of the following issue of Processes:

Processes, Volume 4, Issue 4 (December 2016) <>

Table of Contents
Special Issue Biomedical Systems Control<>

Review: Embedded Control in Wearable Medical Devices: Application to the Artificial Pancreas<>
by Stamatina Zavitsanou, Ankush Chakrabarty, Eyal Dassau and Francis J. Doyle
Processes 2016, 4(4), 35; doi:10.3390/pr4040035<>

Review: Algorithms for a Single Hormone Closed-Loop Artificial Pancreas: Challenges Pertinent to Chemical Process Operations and Control<>
by B. Wayne Bequette, Faye Cameron, Nihat Baysal, Daniel P. Howsmon, Bruce A. Buckingham, David M. Maahs and Carol J. Levy
Processes 2016, 4(4), 39; doi:10.3390/pr4040039<>

Article: Modeling and Hemofiltration Treatment of Acute Inflammation<>
by Robert S. Parker, Justin S. Hogg, Anirban Roy, John A. Kellum, Thomas Rimmelé, Silvia Daun-Gruhn, Morgan V. Fedorchak, Isabella E. Valenti, William J. Federspiel, Jonathan Rubin, Yoram Vodovotz, Claudio Lagoa and Gilles Clermont
Processes 2016, 4(4), 38; doi:10.3390/pr4040038<>

Special Issue Process Intensification – improve efficiency by clever process/reactor designs<>

Project Report: Process Intensification in Fuel Cell CHP Systems, the ReforCELL Project<>
by José Luis Viviente, Sylvie Escribano, Giampaolo Manzolini, Marit Stange, Carlo Tregambe, Leonardo Roses, Arjan J. J. Koekkoek, Cécile Guignard, Arnaud Dauriat and Fausto Gallucci
Processes 2016, 4(4), 37; doi:10.3390/pr4040037<>

Article: Design of a Multi-Tube Pd-Membrane Module for Tritium Recovery from He in DEMO<>
by Marco Incelli, Alessia Santucci, Silvano Tosti and Maurizio Carlini
Processes 2016, 4(4), 40; doi:10.3390/pr4040040<>

Article: An Integrated Membrane Process for Butenes Production<>
by Leonardo Melone, Adele Brunetti, Enrico Drioli and Giuseppe Barbieri
Processes 2016, 4(4), 42; doi:10.3390/pr4040042<>

Article: Techno-Economic Feasibility Study of Renewable Power Systems for a Small-Scale Plasma-Assisted Nitric Acid Plant in Africa<>
by Aikaterini Anastasopoulou, Sughosh Butala, Bhaskar Patil, John Suberu, Martin Fregene, Juergen Lang, Qi Wang and Volker Hessel
Processes 2016, 4(4), 54; doi:10.3390/pr4040054<>

Special Issue Emulsification Processes<>

Review: Optical Measuring Methods for the Investigation of High-Pressure Homogenisation<>
by Ariane Bisten and Heike P. Schuchmann
Processes 2016, 4(4), 41; doi:10.3390/pr4040041<>

Review: Extending Applications of High-Pressure Homogenization by Using Simultaneous Emulsification and Mixing (SEM)—An Overview<>
by Vanessa Gall, Marc Runde and Heike P. Schuchmann
Processes 2016, 4(4), 46; doi:10.3390/pr4040046<>

Article: The Influence of Viscosity on the Static and Dynamic Properties of PS-PEO Covered Emulsion Drops<>
by Damith P. Rozairo and Andrew B. Croll
Processes 2016, 4(4), 47; doi:10.3390/pr4040047<>

Article: From Single Microparticles to Microfluidic Emulsification: Fundamental Properties (Solubility, Density, Phase Separation) from Micropipette Manipulation of Solvent, Drug and Polymer Microspheres<>
by Koji Kinoshita, Elisa Parra, Abdirazak Hussein, Anders Utoft, Prasad Walke, Robin de Bruijn and David Needham
Processes 2016, 4(4), 49; doi:10.3390/pr4040049<>

Article: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)-Based Droplet Size Estimates in Emulsification Equipment<>
by Jo Janssen and Roy Mayer
Processes 2016, 4(4), 50; doi:10.3390/pr4040050<>

Special Issue Real-Time Optimization<>

Article: Combined Estimation and Optimal Control of Batch Membrane Processes<>
by Martin Jelemenský, Daniela Pakšiová, Radoslav Paulen, Abderrazak Latifi and Miroslav Fikar
Processes 2016, 4(4), 43; doi:10.3390/pr4040043<>

Article: Performance Evaluation of Real Industrial RTO Systems<>
by Maurício M. Câmara, André D. Quelhas and José Carlos Pinto
Processes 2016, 4(4), 44; doi:10.3390/pr4040044<>

Article: A Study of Explorative Moves during Modifier Adaptation with Quadratic Approximation<>
by Weihua Gao, Reinaldo Hernández and Sebastian Engell
Processes 2016, 4(4), 45; doi:10.3390/pr4040045<>

Article: Online Optimization Applied to a Shockless Explosion Combustor<>
by Jan-Simon Schäpel, Thoralf G. Reichel, Rupert Klein, Christian Oliver Paschereit and Rudibert King
Processes 2016, 4(4), 48; doi:10.3390/pr4040048<>

Article: Model Predictive Control of the Exit Part Temperature for an Austenitization Furnace<>
by Hari S. Ganesh, Thomas F. Edgar and Michael Baldea
Processes 2016, 4(4), 53; doi:10.3390/pr4040053<>

Article: Real-Time Optimization under Uncertainty Applied to a Gas Lifted Well Network<>
by Dinesh Krishnamoorthy, Bjarne Foss and Sigurd Skogestad
Processes 2016, 4(4), 52; doi:10.3390/pr4040052<>

Review: Modifier Adaptation for Real-Time Optimization—Methods and Applications<>
by Alejandro G. Marchetti, Grégory François, Timm Faulwasser and Dominique Bonvin
Processes 2016, 4(4), 55; doi:10.3390/pr4040055<>

Special Issue Microbial Community Modeling: Prediction of Microbial Interactions and Community Dynamics<>

Article: Species Coexistence in Nitrifying Chemostats: A Model of Microbial Interactions<>
by Maxime Dumont, Jean-Jacques Godon and Jérôme Harmand
Processes 2016, 4(4), 51; doi:10.3390/pr4040051<>

Further Publications

Article: Operator Training Simulator for an Industrial Bioethanol Plant<>
by Inga Gerlach, Sören Tholin, Volker C. Hass and Carl-Fredrik Mandenius
Processes 2016, 4(4), 34; doi:10.3390/pr4040034<>

Review: A Review on the Dissection of Quenched Blast Furnaces—Spanning from the Early 1950s to the 1970s<>
by Wei Zhang
Processes 2016, 4(4), 36; doi:10.3390/pr4040036<>

Special Issues Open for Submissions

Water Soluble Polymers<>
(Deadline: 31 January 2017)

Process System Engineering for More Efficient Power and Chemicals Production<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2017)

Process Data Analytics<>
(Deadline: 31 March 2017)

To access the full list of Special Issues, please click here<>

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