A postdoctoral six months position is open to perform research on a
newly developed separation method. This method is competitive where
distillation fails, that is, for close boiling point mixtures, and even
enantiomer separation. The work requires mathematical modeling using
transport equations and eventually numerical simulations. Detailed
design of the apparatus involved is also part of the research.  This is
a proof of concept project that aims at developing another proposal,
which will target building a prototype. 

If you are interested, please send inquiries and your CV (including
references) to Prof. M. Bagajewicz ([log in to unmask]) at the University
of Oklahoma. The position is open immediately. 




Miguel J. Bagajewicz

Sam Wilson Professor

School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering

Director, Center for Engineering Optimization

Adjunct Instructor of Health and Sports Science (Martial Arts/Judo

University of Oklahoma

TE: +01-(405)325-5458

FAX: +01-(405)325-5813