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Global dynamic optimization
Objective: The objective of the work is to develop and implement new global dynamic optimization methods and algorithms for a certain class of processes. These methods will be applied for example in pressure swing adsorption processes to determine the optimal configuration for a chosen performance index.
This work will be achieved in the framework of the European project IMPULSE involving many universities and companies. The gross salary is about 36000€.
Profile and Skills:                  - Chemical Engineering
                                                - Constrained optimization
                                                - Experience with static and dynamic simulation softwares would be appreciated.
Host Laboratory: Laboratoire des Sciences du Génie Chimique (LSGC, UPR6811-CNRS), Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (ENSIC), Nancy, France.

Interested applicants should send a detailed curriculum vitae to:

Prof.Dr.-Ing.Habil. M.A.Latifi
Laboratoire des Sciences du Génie Chimique
1 rue Grandville, 54001, Nancy Cedex, France
Tel : +(33) 3 83 17 52 34
Fax : +(33) 3 83 17 53 26