Second Workshop announcement

"Nonlinear Model Based Control - Software and Applications" (NMPC-SOFAP,

April 19-20, 2007

United Kingdom

Aim of the two day workshop is to bring together scientists and
practitioners working on nonlinear model based predictive control (NMPC)
in real world applications, and on software solutions that broaden the
applicability of this powerful control approach.

The following topics shall be addressed in an interactive workshop:

- NMPC applications in chemical engineering, aerospace, automotive,
  robotics, ...
- nonlinear modelling environments
- numerical methods for online optimal control and estimation
- interfaces between process, models, and optimizer
- coupling of estimation and model based control
- open source and commercial software developments for academic and
  industrial NMPC solutions

The workshop will consist of keynote lectures, invited talks and regular
presentations. Apart from the talks, part of the workshop is dedicated to
interactive software demonstrations and round table discussion.

To register send a 1-2 page extended abstract via email to the address:

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Deadline for abstract submission:  15 January 2007

The workshop will be organized by:

Zoltan K Nagy                           Moritz Diehl
Loughborough University,           Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Chemical Engineering Dept.        Electrical Engineering Dept.
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