Dear CAST10 colleague,

At next AIChE Spring meeting in New Orleans, ProSim ( 
will run a Short Course on applied thermodynamics in MS-Excel. This 
hands-on short course is designed for persons involved in the 
calculation of thermochemical properties (enthalpy, entropy, viscosity, 
thermal conductivity...) or in phase equilibria calculation to solve 
chemical engineering problems. The objective is to provide practical 
insight on some of the property models commonly used in the chemical and 
oil industries. Examples and case studies, using Simulis Thermodynamics 
(ProSim's mixture properties and fluid phase equilibria calculations 
server) in MS-Excel, will enable attendees to approach rigorous 
methodology to set up calculation spreadsheet, test different property 
models and compare their results. More information on Simulis 
Thermodynamics can be found at:
The Short Course is held on Sunday April 6th (9:00AM-5:00PM). A laptop 
is required.
Registration is handled by the AIChE ( For more 
information you can contact directly ProSim ([log in to unmask]).
Please also consider forwarding  this e-mail to any colleagues whom you 
think may be interested.



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