Process and Dynamic Systems R&D Position at the National Energy Technology Laboratory


The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) is a science, technology, and energy laboratory owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  NETL’s mission is to implement national research, development, and demonstration programs to help resolve environmental, supply, and reliability issues and constraints associated with the production and use of fossil energy resources.


NETL is currently recruiting for an research engineer or scientist.  The position is located in the Computational Science Division (CSD), Office of Research and Development (ORD).  The function of this Division is to conceive, plan, manage and conduct exploratory and applied research in conjunction with Focus Area leaders in the areas of simulation and computational science related to advanced energy systems, including theories of multiphase and chemically reactive flows, and computational fluid dynamics, and investigates theoretical and fundamental phenomena to support program needs and develop new concepts.  The CSD provides skills, expertise, equipment and facilities to conduct research and supports NETL programs in the areas of computational energy sciences; mathematical modeling; computational chemistry; scientific computing; virtual demonstration and simulation; and single- and multiphase flow analysis; including chemically reacting flows that are consistent with DOE’s mission.  The Division develops and uses advanced scientific theories and computational tools to simulate the dynamics of processes, to integrate various models into dynamic simulations, and to visualize the dynamics of advanced energy systems (virtual demonstration).


The incumbent has responsibility for in-house research and development programs that study mathematical modeling, scientific computing, "virtual demonstration" of advanced, low emission power generation systems, steady-state and dynamic process simulation, and process/equipment co-simulations that are consistent with the mission of NETL.  As such, the incumbent conceives, formulates, plans, and directs broad research in these areas. The research conducted is aimed at the solution of complex problems related to existing and future uses of fossil fuels to develop novel methodologies, improve process efficiency, reduce costs, enhance environmental quality, improve product quality, reduce waste, and recycle valuable materials in the technology area of energy and environmental technologies. Problems in this area are interdisciplinary in nature and can be difficult to define; their successful resolution typically requires a great deal of innovation and creativity on the part of the incumbent. This requires the incumbent to be able to evaluate research results and propose realistic hypotheses, based on his/her strong research background.


The incumbent will be required to develop and apply steady-state process simulation using such software as Aspen Plus® to evaluate and optimize the performance of advanced fossil energy systems with and without carbon capture and storage and water network management.  The incumbent will also be required to develop and apply dynamic process simulations to study power plant operations and control.  He/she will also prepare reports and visualizations for oral presentation at technical seminars, conferences, program reviews, etc.


To review all the qualification requirements and apply for the position, all applicants must obtain a full copy of the vacancy announcement from the NETL website:  The full vacancy announcement has the complete description of the position, all qualification requirements, and instructions for how to apply.  NETL is an equal opportunity employer.


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