Introduction to Applied Optimization, Second Edition, Springer, ISBN 978-0-387-76634-8.
  The second edition of this book will be out by end of August.  If anybody wants to use this book for fall course, please preorder and I was promised that the book will be ready for fall adaption (although the website says October release).   The first edition of the book received good reviews. Attached are reviews from Interfaces and European Journal of Operations Research. 
  Most of the courses and books in optimization are devoted to details of one or two aspect of the subject e.g. linear and nonlinear programming, stochastic programming, optimal control, stochastic dynamic programming, mixed integer programming, heuristic methods, or multi-objective programming etc., or are written for a specific discipline. The wide scope of optimization mandates extensive interaction between various disciplines in the development of the methods and algorithms, and in their fruitful application to real world problems. This course presents a discipline independent view of optimization for scientists, researchers, and analysts in various fields. It provides them opportunities to identify and apply algorithms, methods and tools from the diverse areas of optimization to their own field without getting into too much detail about the underlying theories.
  Audience: Researchers in various fields as well as undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, sciences, management science, and decision science.

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