Two postdoctoral positions are currently available in the Process Systems Engineering Laboratory 
at MIT. Both projects are sponsored by major international corporations and the candidates' 
responsibilities will include interaction with and reporting to the sponsors.

The first position is in the area of long-term planning for natural gas production infrastructure. 
Candidates should have a Ph.D. in process systems engineering with expertise in mathematical 
modeling and mathematical programming.

The second position is in the area of mathematical modeling of organic light emitting diode (OLED) 
displays. Candidates should have a Ph.D. in a related science or engineering discipline with 
experience in mathematical modeling and numerical simulations. Expertise is sought  in the areas 
of solid-state physics, mathematical modeling of organic electronic devices, modeling, simulation 
and optimization of PDE systems, mathematical model building from data, parameter estimation 
and optimal experimental design. 

Interested applications should send a detailed curriculum vitae and a list of at least three referees 

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