eCommerce-Online/ATM Direct College Hire Program


Our Business:

Global Consumer and Small Business Banking e-Commerce/ATM Division is
responsible for the No. 1 consumer online bank, which has the most online
bankers in the world - more than 25 million subscribers and 12 million bill


e-Commerce is responsible for growing online customer relationships through
enhanced service and support, generating online sales and providing more
efficient processes that leverage the Internet as well as being responsible
for delivering capabilities across the largest bank-owned network of more
than 17,000 ATMs including the deployment of deposit image ATMs.



This direct hire program is designed to provide external candidates in a
variety of masters and/or PhD programs with an opportunity to prepare for
future opportunities in the Global Consumer and Small Business Banking
(GCSBB) eCommerce-Online/ATM team. 


The Global Consumer & Small Business Banking eCommerce/ATM Direct Hire
Program develops future senior leaders while engaging them in challenging
projects critical to the future of Bank of America's continued growth in
online services by providing a more efficient process that leverages the
Internet.  Recent Masters-level or PhD graduates experience two to three
rotational assignments nine months each over 18-24 months. 


Types of Opportunities available within this Direct Hire College Program


- Business Development/Development Analyst

- eCommerce Product Consultant

- Web Designer

- Visual Designer




Ideal candidate will exhibit a strong drive for results; succeed in a
fast-paced, empowered, and collaborative environment; enjoy teamwork and
partnering with others; possess excellent organizational and analytical
skills; understand technology and business requirements.  The ability to
learn the organizational structure and the formal/informal workings of the
organization and to convey a strong sense of customer and associate
satisfaction to drive shareholder value is required.  


Additionally requirements include:

- MBA/Master's or PhD graduate from an accredited business school or

- Spring/Summer 2009 graduation date.

- 3-5 years pre-M.B.A./Master's or PhD work experience with a demonstrated
record of achievement. 

- Relevant work history that reflects experience in supervising others,
delegating tasks and resolving conflicts. 

- Must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident

- Geographic mobility


Preferred expertise and/or experience in at least 3 of the following: 

- Web Design and visual communications

- eCommerce product development/support

- User experience and Usability Engineering 

- User experience design

- Innovation Analyst, Business Development Analyst or Business
Planning/Strategy within eCommerce


Personal characteristics:

- Ability to successfully navigate in a complex environment

- Strong leadership potential

- Results oriented, proven high level of performance

- Ability to manage tight deadlines, organize, and prioritize work

- Flexibility in exploring a variety of business areas



Associates will participate in a formal Education and Orientation program to
learn more about Bank of America business, culture and values, as well as to
network with Executives and other college hires.  Additionally, associates
will participate in various networking and learning opportunities throughout
the duration of the program. 


Locations: Charlotte-NC , San Francisco-CA 

How to Apply:

In order to be considered a candidate for this opportunity, you must apply
via To submit your profile, first
sign in as a new or returning user. If you don't have an existing account,
you'll need to register as a new user. Then, complete your Candidate Profile
and designate your program(s) of interest. Please note that in order for
your application to be considered complete, you must reach the final "Thank
You" page. In addition, please follow any procedures set forth through the
Career Services office on your campus.


Participants will experience 2 to 3 month rotational assignments in three of
the following eCommerce/ATM departments or positions:



Business Planning and Analysis


Innovation Analyst

Key Skills:  Quantitative analysis, financial statement analysis, Strategy
Background, Some computer science/technology coursework, design/fine arts
related coursework a plus


Responsibilities include identifying opportunities for innovation, identify
and leverage best practices both internal and external, develop and protect
of intellectual property


Business Development Analyst

Key Skills: Quantitative analysis, financial statement analysis, strategy
background, negotiations coursework recommended, some computer
science/technology course work recommended


Responsibilities include maximize the value of strategic relationships with
third parties to drive growth and efficiency, identify key strategic
partners, negotiating relevant business arrangements, coordinating with
supply chain management, handles in-bound business development opportunities


Business Planning /Strategy Analyst

Key Skills: Quantitative analysis, financial statement analysis, strategy
background, experience in one of the following: business, economics,
finance, engineering, mathematics, some computer science/technology
coursework recommended. 


User Experience Design Team 


            Web Designer

Key Skills: Detailed knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator. Basic knowledge
of BBEdit, dreamweaver or other HTML authoring tools and Flash. Experience
in leveraging Web-based scripting languages and Rich Media Application
tools. Ability to work in teams and an understanding of various teams
deliverables. As well as opportunity to work with user experience team in
the user experience area. Working on project-level usability support for
eCommerce/ATM sponsored projects and strategic initiatives. 


Responsibilities include estimate scope/schedule of production efforts; work
closely with other designers and technology partners. Test design work in
production for style/quality/adherence to standards. Log bugs and follow up
on fixes. 


Usability Engineer

Key Skills: Customer data analysis and synthesis, design of experiments,
user requirements assessment and gap analysis, research planning, execution
and reporting, design standards validation, coordination and quality
monitoring of vendor-supplied usability services, management of prototype
development process, education of business partners and colleagues on
usability methodologies and the user-centered design process, exploration
and introduction of new research techniques, relationship management


Responsible include project-level usability support for eCommerce/ATM
sponsored projects and strategic initiatives, enabling a user-centered
design process by ensuring that user input is gathered at critical points in
the project lifecycle, working with the senior usability engineer or
usability manager to carry out the overall usability test plan for the
business unit of project portfolio supported, collaborating with project
teams, UCD&R and usability team colleagues to identify and communicate
usability/customers experience issues with existing site functionality,
ensure that user needs are taken into consideration in the implementation of
business requirements, support in-context testing of new design standards


eProducts Development 


            Ecommerce Product Consultant

Key Skills: Develop strategic plans for a business, conduct market research,
manage product lifecycle, apply technology to business problems, new
business development and forecasting business financials. 


Responsible for analysis of current online capabilities and business
processes based on customer, associate and industry insights. Assisting in
development and concept testing of new business processes, capabilities and
supporting technologies. Researching best practices and generating
competitive analyses. Cost/benefit analysis. Managing the initial phases of
projects for enhancement and innovations. Building and maintaining strong
cross-organizational relationships with bank stakeholders.