Dear Fellow MLS students,

Just this week I have had several conversations with people who, like me,
were looking forward to taking Bibliographic Control with Dr. Intner next
semester. However, I noticed today that this course has been removed from
the schedule of classes. I cannot comprehend why a course that covers
fundamentals that all librarians, regardless of specialization, should know
has been taken away. The same can be said for User Instruction, which is not
offered for next semester, nor for the current semester. I picture myself in
interviews with potential employers next year, sheepishly explaining that
key courses are missing from my transcript because they simply were not

Taking classes through WISE is not an option as our school is not currently
participating. Being told we can enroll in classes covering the basics of
library science at Catholic is *not good enough.* We applied to, accepted
admission to, and paid tuition to the MLS program at The University of
Maryland College Park. We should have the opportunity to take these classes

If you would like to Bibliographic Control or User Instruction included in
the schedule for next semester, please speak up now!

Email Dean Preece and Associate Dean Barlow at [log in to unmask] and
[log in to unmask] <[log in to unmask]> and attend the Dean's Chat next

Make your concerns known!

Yani Yancey