Author: Sigurd Skogestad, Trondheim, Norway
Published by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), 2009, 450 pages.
ISBN 9781420087550. Hardbound. $89.95 / £39.99 / EUR 47

More information (including the first 90 pages of the book):

This is a book aimed as an introduction to chemical process engineering ("mass and energy balances")
for first and second year chemical engineering students. It is a translation / extension of a Norwegian edition.
Although this is not a book on process systems engineering, I nevertheless think it is interest
to the process engineering community, because we often teach these courses and because the
author (which is me) is from our community. Of course, we have the competing book by Felder and Rosseau.
Compared to this, my emphasis is more towards fundamentals and energy engineering.

Some highlights
* Numerous worked examples makes the book very readable
* Extensive introduction to use of numbers and units
* Bonus chapters on
   - Exergy analysis
   - Mechanical energy balances
   - Chemical reaction engineering
   - Process dynamics
* Contains appendices with additional information on thermodynamics and physical chemistry
* A solutions manual is available and additional problems are posted on the web for instructors.

I welcome comments from the process systems engineering community.

-Sigurd Skogestad