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Honeywell Process Solutions is pleased to introduce a new Academic Program 
for the UniSim® Design Suite products. It offers university users access to 
the best-in-class process design and simulation tools, FREE OF CHARGE. 

UniSim Design Suite products are powerful process design and simulation 
tools. They will help your students better understand the principles they 
learn in class. Among many things, they can play with the column simulation 
to see how changes in operating conditions impact the product rate and 
quality, or even environmental issues; learn phase behavior of a specific 
system governed by thermodynamic principles; find out whether an existing 
heat exchanger can meet specific process requirements; predict hydrate 
formation conditions which might be well above the water freezing 
temperature; etc. I wish I had access to such sophisticated tools when I 
was in school and would like to strongly recommend that you take advantage 
of this special offer. Your students will thank you for your affirmative 
decision today.

Through such a program, Honeywell is looking for 
•	Opportunities for coordinating training courses if needed;
•	Rapid expansion of the UniSim Design user base;
•	Close connection to a pool of talents - next generation of the 
chemical engineers, trained with UniSim Design tools;
•	Increased market awareness; 
•	Acknowledgement in research publications, and
•	Potential university partners for model development and possible 
commercialization of university research achievements.

The products covered in this program include:
•	UniSim Design – the flagship product for steady-state applications;
•	UniSim Design Dynamic option – proven technologies for dynamic 
•	UniSim ThermoWorkbench – for in-depth thermodynamic study;
•	UniSim Heat Exchanger programs – for design and simulation of heat 
transfer equipment:
o	UniSim Crossflow Exchanger Modeler
o	UniSim Plate-Fin Exchanger Modeler
o	UniSim Fired Process Heater Modeler
o	UniSim Plate Exchanger Modeler
o	UniSim FeedWater Heater Modeler
o	UniSim Process Pipeline Modeler
More information regarding the UniSim Design Suite can be found at UniSim 
Design from Honeywell.

To learn more about this new academic program please contact:

Reaz Kabir
University Program Coordinator (USA) 
Honeywell Process Solutions
1250 W. Sam Houston Pkwy. South
Houston, TX77042
713-306-2901 (Mobile)
832-252-3337 (Office)