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Subject Line: Multiple Post-Doctoral and Graduate level Research Positions at NETL

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Research and Engineering Opportunities

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

Office of Research and Development

Computational Sciences Division


Multiple Post-Doctoral level and Graduate level Research and Research Support Positions are available in the NETL in-house research program through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science

and Education (ORISE) program ( and the National Research Council Research Associateship Program (


The following areas of interest and expertise are solicited at the Post-Doctoral and graduate levels in Research and Development:


  1. Computational fluid dynamics development and application to fossil energy technologies;
  2. Process systems engineering across the fossil energy plant lifecycle.  Areas of interest include process synthesis and innovation, process design (steady-state simulation and optimization, process/equipment co-simulation), plant operations and control (dynamic simulation and optimization, model predictive control, training applications), and enterprise wide optimization (planning, scheduling, supply chain).
  3. Development and application of novel measurement and control techniques for reacting multiphase flow systems.  Measurement techniques of interest include particle image velocimetry, Laser Doppler velocimetry, and capacitance imaging;
  4. Materials handling and mineral preparation experience to assist laboratory and modeling research on high pressure, solids feeder systems capable of handling polydisperse granular materials such as coal, biomass, and sorbents transported in pneumatic, fluidized, and frictional flow regimes

The following positions are of interest and expertise is solicited at the graduate engineer level for Research and Development Support positions:


  1. Engineering design support for device and process design, safety analysis, construction, and operation of laboratory scale fossil fuel research facilities;
  2. Expertise in data analysis, statistical treatment of data, design of experiments, and development and maintenance of web-based data archiving systems;
  3. Advanced visualization and analysis of the data generated by computational fluid dynamic and process and dynamic systems models;


Ample opportunities exist for excellent performers to advance to full-time employment with the federal government, NETL contractors, and NETL University collaborators.  These full-time employment opportunities will depend on job openings, citizenship status, and are filled by competitive employment solicitations.


Please communicate BY EMAIL your interest in applying, along with a resume to:

William A. Rogers, Ph.D., P.E.

Director, Computational Science Division

Email: [log in to unmask]


After pre-screening of resumes, qualified candidates will be referred to ORISE or NRC to continue the application process.


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