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Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009 at 3:28 PM
Subject: [dcla-l] New ALA 'Get A Job!' Website for Library Job Seekers
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June 29, 2009
*New ALA Web site helps library job seekers succeed *

A new American Library Association (ALA) Web site -- Get a
Job!<>, -- offers library-job seekers advice, resources,
links, best practices and real-life examples.  Full of advice for finding a
job in the current tough economy, it features information from a range of
ALA divisions and units, as well as links to information about general best
practices in job seeking.

"New graduates and members looking for jobs in a tough employment market
have asked what the association can do to help them; the Get a Job! Web Site
was developed with the help of members to do just that," said ALA Executive
Director Keith Michael Fiels. “From JobLIST to mentoring opportunities, the
new Web site brings together ALA resources as well as  true life success
stories and advice from HR directors and library staff to provide a one-stop
resource for job seekers."

The ALA accelerated the Web site launch in response to the current urgency
of many members’ and other library professionals’ job searches. The site is
a work-in-progress, where library professionals and support staff will find
advice on how to use social networking tools in a job search, what to do if
you’re laid off, budgeting assistance, networking techniques and strategies
for researching the economy and jobs in various parts of the United States.

As it evolves, the site will include information specific to people seeking
their first job, mid-career staff and people changing professions.  New
material and updates will be added regularly, including podcasts.  Site
users are encouraged to subscribe to the Get a Job! RSS feed to take full
advantage of the updates.  We welcome your suggestions and experiences for
the site; please e-mail information that you’d like to share to [log in to unmask]

Get a Job! is being developed by nine ALA units in collaboration with the
American Library Association-Allied Professional Association.

Jenifer Grady
Director, ALA-APA
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