Dear Correspondences. 

I’m ChangKyoo Yoo, an assistant professor at Kyung Hee Univ., Korea.

I'm sending you since I want to let you know job vacancies in my lab. 

I am looking for 2-3 post-doctorial researchers in my lab. The post doc positions are available immediately

If someone are interested in these positions, please send an email to ChangKyoo ([log in to unmask]) with a candidate’s CV within ASAP.

Or, could you forward this job vacancy to your friends or researcher who you knew in your working places or in your country ?

Thanking you.

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Post) Looking for 2-3 post-doctorial researchers and ph.d students

We are looking for 2-3 postdocs a for this year.

The research topics for a post-doc and also a student are as follows:

Research topics

1. Environmental Systems Engineering (enviro-informatics)

- modeling, control and optimization in environment process (wastewater treatment plant or other processes)

- activated sludge model in biological wastewater treatment plant (ASP, MBR, etc)

- anaerobic digestion model in biological wastewater treatment plant

- integrated modeling of treatment plant and anaerobic digestion for hydrogen energy

- modeling and optimization of a microbial fuel cell

- respirometry and experiment

- calibration of activated sludge model(ASM) and plant optimization of N and P removal.

- water/heat/energy pinch, exchange network design, wastewater minimization 

2. Process systems engineering in chemical engineering

           - process control, design and simulation of chemical process -response surface method (RSM), a process optimization algorithm

- automation and optimization

             - process optimization technologies 

3. Data mining and chemometrics

             - New developments of data mining/machine learning algorithms

             - DNA/protein chip analysis using machine learning tools, bioinformatics 

4. Fault detection and diagnosis

- development of high machine learning-based statistical monitoring methods

- advanced signal processings

             - ICA/KPCA/KICA/KPLS/SVM

             - sensor fault detection and reconstruction 

5. soft computing technologies

             - fuzzy, neural network, genetic algorithm 

6. air quality control and management in a subway indoor system.

- multivariate statistical monitoring and data analysis

- data-driven modeling(PCA/ICA/KPCA/PLS/RNN)

- Computational fluid dynamics

-systems development technologies for sustainable indoor air quality management

7. A new experimental studies of energy related work, advanced nutrient removal process, A2O, Respirometry, other reactor 

- microbial fuel cell(MFC) experiments and data analysis, kinetics studies

- A pioneering work in water related works and air pollution control

9.  Any suitable candidate who have their research topics in modeling, control and optimization in (chemical/environmental/biotechnological) systems.

- Notice for a postdoc

The candidate need at least 1-2 SCIE journal papers for last four years (2005-2009). 

The contract will be basically one year and can be extended to several years depending on the research performance of a posdoc.

The salary of the first year will be around 2,000,000 K-Won/month (with extra bonus, retire money, health insurance), which amounts to 30,000,000 won per year.

After screening the final candidate, the start of the working at Kyung Univ. can be discussed (as soon as possible).

If someone are interested in this position, please send an email to ChangKyoo ([log in to unmask]) with a candidate’s CV within ASAP.

Contact person 

-    ChangKyoo Yoo, assistant professor Kyung Hee University , Korea

-    Email: [log in to unmask] 

-    82-31-201-3824

If you have any questions, please contact ChangKyoo Yoo. (For your convenience, I attached my CV).

Thanks for your help.

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ChangKyoo Yoo (Х), Ph. D.

Assistant Professor

EMSEL(Environmental Management & Systems Engineering Lab.)

Dept. of Environmental Science and Engineering

Kyung Hee University, Seocheon-dong 1, Giheung-gu, Yongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 446-701, Korea

Tel: +82-(0)31-201-3824; FAX: +82-(0)31-204-8114


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