Public Access Corporation of the District of Columbia
901 Newton St., NE Washington, DC P- (202) 526-7007 F-(202) 526-6646

Job Title: Information Technology Specialist I (ITS)
Reports to: Director of Operations
Status: Part Time (19 hours per week)

The Information Technology Specialist (ITS) I is entry-level 
professional information systems technology work. The ITS I is 
responsible for preparing test data and test programs; installing, 
customizing, and maintaining operating and network system hardware and 
software; troubleshooting and resolving computer operating system 
problems; assisting with the design and development of databases; 
performing systems analysis and system security functions and developing 
system specification requirements.

In addition, the work encompasses a range of activities that directly 
affect the operation of the organization

General Knowledge / Abilities

a. Have basic knowledge of specific applications, programming and 
languages, systems, hardware or emerging technology applications.
b. Have the ability to problem-solve and developing and customize 
information system components as directed.
c. Serves as a troubleshooter for specific routine applications.

d. Provides assistance and guidance to users of specific operating 
systems, software packages or hardware.

e. Sets up and configures systems, equipment and software; implements 
backup and recovery procedures considering user requirements and 
technical constraints.

f. Assists with the analysis of data processing requirements to plan 
systems that will provide system capabilities required for projected 
work loads, and assists with planning layout and installation of new 
systems or modifications of existing systems.

g. Provide written documentation that includes new systems requirements, 
modifications to existing systems, changed requirements of system 
updates, and new versions of software applications.
h. Have basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, ASP and other web languages. 
Working knowledge of HTML applications.
i. Perform other duties as assigned.

III. Requirements

Bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field from an 
accredited college or university and/or certifications in specific 
programming languages or operating systems may be required, depending on 
the duties of the position.

Excellent familiarity with areas of programming, systems analysis, 
computer operations, data control and preparation, and 
data/telecommunications and Video/IT integration. Plus at least 2 years 
aggregate work experience devoted primarily to IT field
A basic understanding of television production and of workflow paths for 
broadcast to the internet. However, use of this equipment is not 
directly production-oriented.

IV. Basic competency

 Knowledge of operating systems, including a basic understanding of 
desktop applications, database management, help desk operations and 
troubleshooting, user training/support, LAN support, departmental 
programs, server administration, network administration, system design, 
and mainframe operating systems and their applications in order to 
assure continual, uninterrupted operation of computer systems and equipment.
 Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

IV. Working Conditions

The Information Technology Specialist I is required to be present 
(assigned up to 19 hour per week) as scheduled by the Director of 
Operations. DCTV operating hours is as follows: 1:45 pm to 10:15 pm 
Monday through Friday, and 9:45 am to 6:15 pm Saturdays and most holidays.

Promptness and reliability to be on site as scheduled and available to 
serve staff, and carry out the activities of the organization is essential.

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