What do faculty and students want/need from Librarians?

You can find out at Capitol College on September 18.  The Academic and Research Libraries Division of MLA is sponsoring  2  programs, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, to explore questions surrounding what faculty and students want and need from academic libraries. 


Morning Program: What Faculty Want/What Students Need

September 18, 2009 9:30 – 1:30 (lunch included)

2.5 contact hours

Capitol College, Avrum Gudelsky Auditorium

Cost:MLA Members $65, Non-Members $90, Students $57.50



Sussan Strasser: Professor of History, University of Delaware Judi Briden: Digital Librarian for Public Services and Brain & Cognitive Sciences Librarian, Rush Rhees Library, University of RochesterJoin the Academic and Research Libraries Division of MLA on September 18 at Capitol College for a discussion on what faculty and students expect and need from academic libraries.


Prof. Susan Strasser will begin the day with a provocative presentation of what faculty want from academic librarians and stimulate discussion by offering her perspective as a faculty member. Dr. Strasser is a popular speaker on the “Faculty Point of View” at the prestigious Frye Leadership Institute.  She has taught at Bard, Princeton and George Washington University as well as the University of Delaware, she has won numerous awards, and she has been the Senior Resident Scholar at the Hagley Museum and Library for many years.


This will be followed by a presentation on the needs of an academic library’s other main constituent: students.  While many have  opinions about what students need from libraries, librarians at the University of Rochester conducted ethnographic research with their own students to find out. They looked at how their students did library research in the context of the university. Judi Briden discusses how the research was conducted, what they learned, and changes they’ve made to improve services and facilities to better meet students’ needs.



Afternoon Program: What Do Your Students Need? Do-It-Yourself Ethnographic Research for Libraries September 18, 2009 2:00 – 3:30, 1.5 Contact Hours

Cost: MLA members $30, Non-members $45, Students $25



Judi Briden: Digital Librarian for Public Services and Brain & Cognitive Sciences Librarian, Rush Rhees Library, University of Rochester Learning about what students generally need is all well and good, but we all know that each campus is unique.  What you really want to know is what problems your students are facing and what your students need. In this session, Judi Briden will discuss in detail several ethnographic research techniques that were used at the University of Rochester Libraries. Attendees will have an opportunity to model some of these during the session. You can then take these techniques back to your home campus and use them to assess your own students and services.

[Note: due to the hands-on nature of this session only, it will be limited to 20 participants. The morning session is not limited]





You may register for either one or both

programs.  To register, please complete the registration form at

You can submit the form online, or print it out and mail the form it to the Maryland Library Association.

Please remember to be clear about the program(s) for which you are registering.



Danielle Whren

ARLD Vice President


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