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This is to inform you about a recently published textbook on Probability and Statistics that you and your students may find useful either for classroom teaching or for self-instruction.


“Random Phenomena: Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers,” by Babatunde A. Ogunnaike, published by CRC Press in September 2009, is available at the CRC press site

and also at


Below is a summary from the CRC press website:



Many of the problems that engineers face involve randomly varying phenomena of one sort or another. But if characterized properly, even such randomness and the resulting uncertainty are subject to rigorous mathematical analysis.

Taking into account the uniquely multidisciplinary demands of 21st-century science and engineering, Random Phenomena: Fundamentals of Probability and Statistics for Engineers provides students with a working knowledge of how to solve engineering problems that involve randomly varying phenomena. Basing his approach on the principle of theoretical foundations before application, Dr. Ogunnaike presents a classroom-tested course of study that explains how to master and use probability and statistics appropriately to deal with uncertainty in standard problems and those that are new and unfamiliar.

Giving students the tools and confidence to formulate practical solutions to problems, this book offers many useful features, including:

As classical scientific boundaries continue to be restructured, the use of engineering is spilling over into more non-traditional areas, ranging from molecular biology to finance. This book emphasizes fundamentals and a "first principles" approach to deal with this evolution. It explains presented theory with practical examples and case studies, equipping readers to deal with a wide range of problems beyond those in the book.


A Table of Contents is available at the indicated websites. 


I will be happy to assist any instructor that adopts the book by providing such lecture aids as Powerpoint slides and color copies of figures for classroom lectures.  


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