Greetings All,

  This is a reminder that we'll be heading to Lucky
  Strike Lanes in D.C. this Friday, Dec. 11th. We'll
  meet in the front of the chemistry building (across
  from Regents garage) at 6:45pm.

  There is a lounge portion with couches, beverages
  and food if you're not interested in bowling.
  If you do plan on bowling, each game is $8 per
  person and shoe rental is $4 per person. Also there
  is a dress code, which you can find below.
  Please email me at [log in to unmask], if you plan on
  attending so there is a head count.

  ~Petrina B.

  Dress Code Strictly Enforced
  The following are not permitted:
  - Athletic wear, sweats or sports jerseys
  - MC colors
  - Excessively baggy clothing (Tuck-ins are not
  - Sleeveless T-shirts
  - Plain white T-shirts (short or long sleeve)
  - Construction boots
  - Headgear
  - Chains
  - Ripped or soiled clothing

Petrina Boucher
Graduate Research Assistant - Rokita Group
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742