Fellow Engineers:

John's note about his classes reminded me that I should let
you know about ours!

The 5th Edition of Eigenvector University will be held 
May 16-21, 2010 in Seattle, WA USA. This year we'll be joined 
by Bruce Kowalski, co-founder of the field of chemometrics. 
Rasmus Bro will also be there, along with the entire 
Eigenvector staff. 

The tentative course schedule, registration and price info 
can be found at:


This year's EigenU includes 17 courses:

MATLAB for Chemometricians
Linear Algebra for Chemometricians
Chemometrics I-PCA
Chemometrics II-Regression and PLS
Instrument Standardization and Calibration Transfer
Robust Methods
Multivariate Curve Resolution
Multivariate Statistical Process Control
Correlation Spectroscopy
Clustering and Classification
Common Mistakes in Chemometrics
Advanced Preprocessing
Implementing Chemometrics in PAT
Chemometrics in Mass Spectrometry
Variable Selection
Multivariate Image Analysis
Multi-way Analysis

Our courses include instruction, course notes, computers 
for hands-on exercises, continental breakfasts, breaks 
and lunches.  

EigenU 2010 will also include a User Group/Poster Session 
(with iPod Nanos for the best two posters), PowerUser Tips 
& Tricks Session, and Workshop Dinner. 

Please write to me, [log in to unmask], if you have any questions! 

Best regards....


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