Postdoctoral Position in Systems Engineering for Origins of Life Chemistry

A postdoctoral position is available at Georgia Tech within the Center for
Chemical Evolution.  Applicants are sought who bring expertise in both
systems engineering and chemistry (a chemical engineering or related
background), and who are interested in working in an interdisciplinary
The postdoc will work closely with Professor Martha Grover in the School of
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering:

and more broadly within the Center for Chemical Evolution:

The projects will focus on modeling the kinetics and thermodynamics of
biopolymer formation and elucidating biological design principles. 
Activities will include molecular simulation, model reduction, and
optimization.  Expertise and experimental data generated within the center
will be used for model building and model validation.

Those interested should send a CV to Martha Grover at
[log in to unmask]  Positions are available immediately.