Knowledge Product Identification and Ingest 
Terms of Reference
I.	Background 
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) continues to strengthen its strategy for the implementation of international standards and good practices for the processing, storage and dissemination of knowledge produced by the Bank to facilitate access to quality and pertinent knowledge in a timely manner and visibility of the Bank’s Knowledge Products (KPs) to relevant target groups within the Bank and in LAC.  One of the fundamental pieces of this strategy is the Institutional Knowledge Repository (IKR), coordinated by the Knowledge Management Division of the Bank.  Among the various aspects of the Repository Project is the implementation of a repository platform able to interact with current Bank tools and external knowledge sources which will consolidate access, and provide additional context and meaning to Bank knowledge products, in coordination with the implementation / adoption of a metadata schema compliant with international standards to facilitate classification, retrieval, and exchange. 

II.	Objectives
1.	Ingest Bank KPs already in digital format into the repository platform, tagged and classified appropriately, and reviewed for quality control of the metadata.
2.	Engage departments for their support in identifying knowledge products that should be included in the IKR, and encouraging them to upload the documents into the repository workflow, explaining the process and responding to questions throughout.  
III.	Activities
1.	Identification of Knowledge Products
This will consist of systematically reviewing the Bank’s Document Management System (IDBDocs) to identify documents that can be considered Knowledge Products, recording the ID number, title, author, and department, and passing this information along in the workflow.  Identification of appropriate documents will be based on the definition of Knowledge Products and the analysis of the responsibles.
Concurrently, identify the documents in the IDBDOCS, by department, and present each with their corresponding list.  Contact individual departments to inquire about documents that they want to be in the repository (be they in the IDBDOCS or not).  Once these documents have been verified, and/or additional documents identified, their IDBDOCS ID numbers should be passed to 2 below, if applicable, or if not already in the IDBDOCS, uploaded to the repository platform.  
2.	Metadata Tagging & Review
This will consist of gathering the document numbers and creating the link in DSpace with the document in the IDBDOCS, followed by entering the relevant metadata.  Documents that were uploaded to the repository platform in 1 above should be tagged with appropriate metadata and reviewed.  This step will require opening the document to identify the appropriate metadata.  It will also include applying the faceted classification of the controlled vocabulary, in a manner consistent with the Dublin Core qualified metadata schema.

IV.	Deliverables/Outcomes
•	Critical mass of knowledge products (KPs) in digital format identified, and subsequently ingested into the repository platform.
•	Comprehensive list of all documents identified and ingested.
•	Systematic feedback on the identification / ingest process.
•	High-quality metadata consistently applied to KPs in the repository, and reviewed.

V.	Qualifications
•	Analytical thinking ability, 
•	Comfortable using and exploring new technology platforms (software, web-based, etc).
•	Tagging (indexing/cataloging) experience desired. 
•	Excellent oral and written communication skills.
•	Ability to work independently and resourcefully to meet multiple demands and changing priorities.
•	Comfortable working and communicating in a multicultural, multilingual and multidisciplinary environment. 
•	Familiarity with Macro/Development Economics terminology and concepts beneficial.
•	Proficient Spanish and English (reading and speaking). 

Contract and Work Location
Beginning May 2010 at Bank headquarters in Washington DC.  Contract for 90 days. 2 positions available.
Interested candidates should send their resume to Kyle Strand at [log in to unmask]

Nyjiyyah Williams
Admissions & Student Affairs Assistant
University of Maryland iSchool