Could the message below be posted to the iSchool listserv? I’d love to have some fellow Terps working with us this summer, and this brand-new internship is especially tailored for students interested in Library Science!


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Rachel Antonoff

UMD Class of ‘09

Internship Coordinator, Environment America & U.S. PIRG

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Summer Internship Opportunity: Archival Internship with Environment America & U.S. PIRG in Washington, DC


Full Listing:

In our DC offices, the U.S. PIRG and Environment America archive contains almost thirty years of documentation of our efforts on Capitol Hill and around the country in the form of reports, media pieces, photographs, videos, and more. We value our institutional memory and utilize our past materials in our efforts to work for the public interest on the federal level. 

The Archival Intern will have the opportunity work with the archival materials for both US PIRG and Environment America. The intern would work independently to promote preservation of materials and ease of access to historical documents. The work will consist of cataloguing, organization, collection management, and analog to digital conversion, among other tasks. The intern will have the responsibility of creating a plan for archiving past, present, and future materials for the organizations. An organization system is already in place for some of the materials, and the intern would be able either to build on that or to take the initiative and formulate a new system. 

The Archival Internship may be either part-time or full-time. We are willing to work around your class or work schedule. Although the internship is unpaid, students may receive academic credit from their college or university. 




To apply for the internship, please send us a compelling cover letter, resumé, and a short writing sample (1-2 pages) to 
Rachel Antonoff 
Internship Coordinator – Environment America & U.S. PIRG 
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In your cover letter, be sure to include any responsibilities you have had in the past which relate to the skills required for the internship. 

For your writing sample, please write a persuasive essay responding to a recent article in the news. Select an article that interests you personally. The position you take should be your personal point of view; please do not play devil's advocate. It should only take up 30 minutes of your time and should be no more than two pages. If you already have a prepared writing sample under two pages that you feel accurately reflects your writing ability for this internship, then you may provide this instead. 

Please visit  and for more information about the internship program and our organization.