Come join us on April 20, starting at 6 PM: Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon, with Jared Spool


For one night only, Jared Spool comes to DC to present the latest research from User Interface Engineering: Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon.

The event will be held at APCO Worldwide (700 12th Street, near Metro Center) on the 7th floor.

The Schedule is as follows:

·         6 PM - 7 PM Networking (We'll supply Pizza & Soda, you bring lots of business cards!)

·         7 PM - 8:30 PM Jared Spool Talks about "Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon"


Seats are limited and this talk will definitely fill up. Reserve your seat now to guarantee your spot!


For the full description and to register, please go to: http://upadcixdaapr il.eventbrite. com/ (Admission: $10)


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Going to the UPA Conference in Munich?


Are you planning on going to the UPA International Conference in Munich in May?  If so, please send me an email at [log in to unmask] com.   I’m looking forward to the conference myself and will compile a list of other DC-Metro usability professionals who are going to the conference too.  I will send out the compiled list to everyone else who is also going.   At UPA’s first European venue, it will be nice to keep an eye out for some DC-area locals too!

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On Facebook or LinkedIn?


Join our UPA-DC-Metro Fan page on Facebook and our UPA-DC-Metro Group on LinkedIn. (Hyperlinks not working?  Search for UPA-DC-Metro on FB or on LinkedIn “Group” search)

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Want to be a sponsor?


We have several types of sponsorship opportunities available. 


·         Events: Please contact us if you are willing to be an event sponsor.  Our events get seen by over 1,000 local professionals and remain in our web archive long past when the event takes place!  You also get to promote your company at the event itself.

·         Web Sponsors: For a cost of $200 per year, you can be a web sponsor and have your logo and contact information displayed in our soon-to-be created sponsors section.  Includes a listing in our consultant list.

·         Consultant List: For a cost of $50 per year, individuals or businesses can join our soon-to-be-created consultant’s directory list.  Have your business name, contact person, email, phone, and website appear on our site.

Please contact me at [log in to unmask] com if you are interested in being a sponsor at any of these three levels.

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