Two postdoc positions are available at the US EPA in Cincinnati
in the area of Sustainable Supply Chain Design for Biofuels.  The
two positions can be described as Life Cycle Assessment of
Ethanol Supply Chains and Agent-Based Modeling of Biofuel
Supply Chains.  See the links and attachments for details.  Note
that the application process is through the Oak Ridge Institute
for Science and Education, although I would like to know about
any applications so that a decision is not made while one is in
transit (which can be weeks).

The links and attachments are,

(See attached file: PostdocPositionDescriptionEthanolORISE2010.pdf) (See
attached file:

Please forward to potential candidates and have them apply
as soon as possible.



Raymond Smith
PhD Chemical Engineer
Lead, Design of Sustainable Biofuel Supply Chains
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
National Risk Management Research Laboratory
26 W. Martin Luther King Drive
Cincinnati, OH  45268