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Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 19:49:20 -0400
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Subject: Reminder--Alicia Wright/Archives New Zealand here on Monday

A reminder of Alicia Wright's talk on Monday, 4 October in Room 2119 at 4 
pm. The title of her talk is "From Passive to Active and Paper to Digital: 
Lessons Learned from a Kiwi Archive in Transition."  See abstract and bio 

Worldwide, government archives are grappling with how to ensure agencies 
store and preserve their records in both paper and digital. Archives NZ 
(the National Archive of New Zealand) is in the midst of two major 
transitions—managing the increasing move from paper records to digital 
technology and a much more hands-on role in ensuring government agencies 
manage their records effectively.  Alicia Wright from Archives NZ will 
outline the lessons learned from New Zealand’s new Government Digital 
Archive and the challenges and opportunities of partnering with the 
National Library’s National Digital Heritage Archive.  She also discusses 
Archives NZ multi-pronged approach to improving government agencies’ 
recordkeeping practices and how that differs from Archives NZ’s 
traditional role.

Alicia Wright is Archives Management Group Manager with Archives NZ.  She 
has also been Group Manager responsible for regional and access services. 
Prior to joining Archives NZ, she was the General Manager of the Centre 
for Social Research and Evaluation within the Ministry of Social 
Development.  She has a MS of Information Management from the School of 
Information Studies at Syracuse University.

Jean Dryden, PhD
College of Information Studies
University of Maryland
College Park, MD  20742

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