Possible practicum or volunteer opportunity in Takoma Park, MD...

Mary Edsall Choquette, M.L.S., Ph.D.
College of Information Studies
University of Maryland, College Park
4105 Hornbake Building, South Wing
College Park, MD 20742
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Position: Librarian
Experience Level Required: Beginner

Description: StatAid possess a library of several hundred technical books on statistics, survey methods, human rights, and humanitarian concerns. However, those books are not catalogued. Further, we are the frequent recipient of donations (or offers of donations) of technical books, so an understanding of the coverage of technical topics our books afford as well as the gaps in that coverage would be invaluable.

The StatAid Librarian will:

 *   Develop, find, or purchase an electronic database/cataloguing program.
 *   Label and catalogue all StatAid books in the electronic database.
 *   Organize the books for easy retrieval.
 *   Work with StatAid staff to develop a book "wish list" based on current offerings of technical publishers.
 *   Process newly received books, as they arrive, into our library.

The work schedule is extremely flexible, but the target completion of the work is by June 2011. Interested individuals are invited to send an e-mail to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> outlining their reasons for applying, any relevant experience they might have, and two character/professional references. The selected candidate will be listed as adjunct staff on our web site, and subject to satisfactory work completion we will be able to serve as a reference during future job applications.