Rudi Bracaglia
Graduate Assistant
Admissions and Student Affairs
University of Maryland, iSchool
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Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 3:26 PM
Subject: Student Employment Opportunities at Everglades National Park


My name is Jenna Edwards and I  am a term project archivist at  the South
Florida Collections Management Center in Everglades National Park. We have
student employment opportunities available for the winter/spring semester
or quarter. These positions can either be an internship or a longer form of
student employment in the National Park Service's Student Employment
Program (STEP). Students will be archives technicians and the work will be
primarily processing archival collections. I have attached a  word document
that gives more details about the positions. If you have any students that
you think would be interested in this opportunity please along this
information to them. Thanks and if you or your students have any questions
please call (305-242-7828) or email ([log in to unmask]).

Jenna Edwards
South Florida Collections Management Center
Everglades National Park
40001 State Road 9336
Homestead, FL 33034

P: 305-242-7828
F: 305-242-7836
(See attached file: 2011 STEP announcement.docx)