U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Library

451 7th St SW, Room 8141

Washington, DC 20410



A brief description of the HUD library

The HUD library was founded in 1965 when HUD was established.  The library contains books from a few now defunct libraries: Housing and Home Finance Agency Library, Federal Housing Administration Library, and the Federal Public Housing Authority.  It is also a federal depository library.  Approximately five years ago the library underwent a major downsizing and was essentially closed down.  However, the library now has its first full-time professional librarian in years and is undergoing major changes to make the library fully functional again.


Types of library work that would be done by the student 

The student would have the opportunity to work on many different types of library work, including reference or research work, cataloging, collection development or management, ILL, instruction and marketing.  This is an excellent opportunity for a student to develop an internship around their interests and gain experience working in a small government library.


Special skills or knowledge required for the job

The student must be able to work on projects that require close attention to detail, have strong writing skills, and be able to work independently or as part of a team.  Interest in special libraries is required.  Knowledge of MARC cataloging is preferred. 


Specific tasks to be done

The student will be expected to work with the librarian to develop a plan to work on projects that interest the student and benefit the library.  They will be expected to help carry out normal library functions and work on a few specific projects of their choice.  They will have opportunities to assist in: cataloging, both original and copy; reference and instruction; circulation; collection development, including assisting with the creation of a collection development policy; and processing of books and government documents.


Opportunities for the student

The student will be exposed to the intricacies of working in a very small library.  They will be able to experience all aspects of library work and the practicum can be tailored to fit the specific interests of the student.  They will also have the opportunity to be an integral part of the rebuilding of a library.





Special stipulations

Students will not receive any wages for the work.  The student will gain knowledge and experience which will enhance the student capabilities and service as compensation and a community service.  Students must undergo a security clearance and will be subject to drug testing.  All work completed will become the property of the site library.  A written volunteer work agreement must be entered into between HUD, the student, and the educational institution before volunteer service can begin.



Contact Information

Please contact Tanya Whippie at [log in to unmask] for further information.  When you send an email, please include some relevant information about yourself, specifically what semester of school are you in, what are your areas of interest, what types of classes  have you taken, what you hope to learn or gain in experience during this practicum, and what kind of library experience you have.









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