ASRC Management Services is seeking several Librarian Professionals to support the Environmental Protection Agency contract in Washington, DC.  See several openings listed below.
PositionLibrarian  ( 4772)   
Name of Employer ASRC Management Services
Location:  Washington, DC
Summary of Responsibilities: Provides support for content analysis and management, terminology integration, taxonomy development, and web document cataloging functions(metadata).  Provides analysis and consultation for the implementation and integration of a topical redesign of web content, and supporting client initiatives for information architecture. The Librarian will serve on a team that provides support for the client in the areas of creating content inventories, taxonomy development and integration, identification of redundant, outdated or trivial web content, and providing guidance to the client group for the assignment of appropriate metadata to its web content.  The Librarian will also have a role in providing support for tracking of the overall IA framework and how specific client offices and programs fit within the overall architecture. Provides support for Public Access and Intranet web projects with a particular focus on metadata, controlled vocabularies, terminology integration, and in the development and evaluation of taxonomically controlled web content. Analyzes large amounts of content, creates content inventories, as well as supports the creation and ongoing management of organization-specific vocabularies. Provides analysis and consultation for the implementation and integration of metadata  requirements within client initiatives such as content management systems, search services and portal development. Participates as a member of the Librarian team that advises the creation and integration of unit-level information assets within the organization-wide Information Architecture. Coordinate with client information architecture leads to support departments and workgroups throughout the agency. Reviewing and reporting on project progress. Other duties as assigned. 
Qualifications:  Master's degree in library science or equivalent.  2-4 years of professional level experience. Applicant must be experienced in taxonomy development, information architecture, web content management and information retrieval systems. Knowledge of database management systems, content management systems, search engines, HTML, XML, and related technologies. Demonstrated strong written and oral communication abilities. A sample of professional writing is required. Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment. Demonstrated ability to be self-directed and take initiative. Good editorial skills and excellent attention to detail. Creative problem-solving and analytical skills. Proficiency with spreadsheets, databases, and office applications. Excellent project management skills. Ability to manage a project with minimum guidance. Experience in preparing analytic reports and statistics. 
How to Apply:  If you are interested in this position, please apply via the website at and reference job number  4722. 
 Position:      4841  -  Cataloging Para-Librarian  ( 4 temporary positions; 6 month assignment)   
Name of Employer ASRC Management Services 
Location:  Washington, DC 

Summary of Responsibilities:  Providing support for the creation of metadata for web content, using modified Dublin Core. Tasking will include the writing of document descriptions, selection of open keywords and selection of terms from controlled vocabularies. Cataloging of a large number of existing documents that have little or no current metadata. Reviewing any existing metadata and edit or add new metadata as appropriate according to the directions given. Production-level cataloging will be required; metadata editing and entry will be preformed in a spreadsheet environment. Creating of metadata for PDF and HTML documents. Reviewing and editing of existing metadata for PDF and HTML documents. Reporting on project progress. Other duties as assigned. 


Qualifications: Bachelors degree and 3-5 years experience in related field. Experience in the creation of metadata for web content in a high-production environment. Ability to write succinct descriptions of documents. Ability to apply a controlled set of terminology to content. Demonstrated understanding of the selection of open keywords for content. Proficiency with spreadsheets and other office applications. Ability to work in a team environment. Excellent attention to details

How to Apply:  If you are interested in this position, please apply via the website at and reference job number  4841 .   

Lolita Hill
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