This note is to remind you that our very powerful ProMV (ProSensus MultiVariate) software is available free of charge to academic users.  It can be downloaded from our web site. 

The major problem with teaching courses and doing research at universities on the use of Latent Variable methods for the analysis, monitoring and optimization of processes has always been the availability of software at a reasonable cost.  This has often prevented faculty from incorporating some of these methods into their PSE courses and limited the number of students graduating with some knowledge of these methods.


Therefore, I encourage you to take up this offer and introduce these concepts into your programs.   We also offer discounts to academics taking our upcoming basic and advanced batch multivariate courses in Florida.










ProSensus is pleased to announce two upcoming course offerings:

(please forward to colleagues)


Introductory Course: Multivariate Data Analysis

March 30 to April 1, 2011


NEW Advanced Course: Multivariate Analysis of Batch Processes

April 4 to 6, 2011

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Course location:

St. Pete Beach, Florida at the Dolphin Beach Resort

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“The technology presented in these courses has completely changed the way we view and perform analysis on process data.  We have been provided a window into the process that we did not have before and the results are exceptional.”

Manager of Production Engineering, LANXESS Inc. Sarnia, March 2010

Detailed course descriptions and registration information can be found

by clicking here.


Thank you,

We look forward to hearing from you.


The ProSensus Team


Map to our location, click here.





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