*Join SHARE (Sexual Health And Reproductive Education) in an open panel
discussion called "Sex, Intimacy, and Communication: How Partners Can
Effectively Communicate for Safer Sex." *

*When: Wednesday February 16th, from 5-6:30 PM *
*Where: Biology-Psychology Building room number 1243. *

Speakers will include sex therapists, sex educators, and an adult store
owner. Panelists will host a Q&A session in a confidential manner open to
the entire campus community. The event is completely FREE! Bring any and all
questions and concerns about sexual health, communicating with partners, and
safer practices to get answers from professionals in the field.

Once again- the event is FREE and open to all students of all sexual
orientations, preferences, and identities.

For more information about our speakers please contact one of our SHARE
Peers.  Contact information can be obtained through the University Health
Center's website.