Stone Lab's Research Experience for Undergraduates Scholarship Program brings together students from across the country to learn how to conduct real, in-the-field research alongside top scientists. Over five or nine weeks, participants use scientific equipment, explore the Lake Erie islands, and collect important data to help solve the most pressing issues for the Great Lakes region.

Students can choose from one of several focus areas, including:

Limnology, the study of inland waters
Herpetology, the study of reptiles and amphibians
Ornithology, the study of birds
Biological collections curation
Involvement can even continue beyond the summer, as students have the opportunity to attend local and regional conferences and co-author scientific journal articles about their research.

Students who are selected receive a full REU scholarship, which includes tuition for the 3 quarter-credit research experience and one five-week, 5-credit course, the lab fee, and room and board. Applicants must provide their own health insurance.

Application information is available at
Apply by Feb. 23, 2011