Please note: The submission deadline for AICHE 2011 Annual Meeting abstracts
is May 2nd. This deadline is fast approaching, and several sessions still
require submissions. CAST 10C has the following sessions open for submission.

10C00 Advances In Optimization
10C01 Planning and Scheduling
10C02 Supply Chain Optimization
10C03 Data Analysis: Design, Algorithms & Applications
10C04 Energy and Sustainability In Operations
10C05 Industrial Applications In Design and Operations
10C06 Dynamic Simulation and Optimization
10C07 Process Monitoring, Fault Detection, and Diagnosis
10C08 Poster Session: Computers In Operations and Information Processing

In addition, we have the following co-sponsored sessions,

10A02 Design and Operations Under Uncertainty
10B04 Optimization and Predictive Control
15D06 Mathematical Approaches In Systems Biology
15D10 Disease Models and Therapies


2011 CAST 10C Chair
Carl D. Laird
Assistant Professor and William & Ruth Neely Faculty Fellow
Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering
Texas A&M University
Ph: (979) 458-4514
Email: [log in to unmask]