The submission deadline for AICHE 2011 Annual Meeting abstracts is MAY 2.   

CAST 10B has the following sessions open for submission.


10B01 Modeling, Optimization and Control of Sustainable Processes
S. Joe Qin and Subbarao Varigonda


10B02 Control of Large Scale and Networked Systems
Nael H. El-Farra and Murali Rajamani


10B03 Modeling and Control at Small Length Scales
Mayuresh V. Kothare and Stevan Dubljevic


10B04 Optimization and Predictive Control
Donald J. Chmielewski and Antonios Armaou


10B05 Process Modeling and Identification
Daniel E. Rivera and Fernando V. Lima


10B06 Process Monitoring and Fault Detection
Prashant Mhaskar and Seongkyu Yoon


10B07 Advances In Process Control
Masoud Soroush and Vikas Shukla


10B08 Emerging Control Applications
Martha A. Grover and Jeffrey Kantor


10B09 Control In Medicine and Biology
Juergen Hahn and Robert S. Parker


10B10 Smart Plants Operation and Control
Panagiotis D. Christofides and Larry Megan


10B11 Poster Session - Area 10B: Systems and Process Control
Prodromos Daoutidis and Panagiotis D. Christofides


10B00 Modeling and Control of Energy Systems
Michael Baldea and Vinay Prasad

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