Are you looking to participate in a global brigade this summer? It is an
AMAZING opportunity for pre-health students to get hands-on experience and
do some amazing service!

This year's Mobile Clinic hosted by UMD among other schools is:
*June 26 - July 3 to Tena, Ecuador*.

*If you would still like to participate but this week does not work, or if
you are interested in traveling to Peru or Panama instead, there are other
brigades to different places literally almost every week during the summer
that you can potentially sign up for! E-mail us to learn more!*
*If you are interested in attending this week long, hands-on, unforgettable
experience working in medical clinics abroad, [log in to unmask],

   - *
   Opportunities include: Being up close and personal, shadowing doctors,
   gynecologists, dentists, and pharmacists.  There will be opportunities to
   assist with pap-smears, examinations, and dental work directly.  You will
   also be responsible for taking vitals, educating the locals about health
   issues, and also teaching children how to brush their teeth.
   - The lodging and eating situations are pretty luxurious and extremely
   safe, wifi is available, as well as television.  There will be opportunities
   to explore the city as well.  This is a very good deal- considering that the
   participation fee is only 675 dollars.
   - No previous medical experience is necessary- and no knowledge of
   Spanish either.  Most of the doctors and other professionals there can
   communicate effectively in English.
   - This is an amazing opportunity so don't let it pass! The medical
   brigades over spring break alone helped over 5,000 people in Latin America.
    It's absolutely perfect for Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, and Pre-Pharmacy

*In other MEDLIFE-UMD News:*
*Our next General Body Meeting will be held on Wednesday April 20st at
8:00pm, mark your calenders!  Location is TBA**.  If you are a member or
would like to be a member, please make sure you attend!!*