The Muslim Students' Association at UMD would like to invite you to a week-
long series of events aimed at educating the campus community about Islam. 
Many have heard of Islam, but few really know what it's about. What is seen 
through the media is often a misrepresentation of the religion and the majority 
of it's followers. Come hear straight from Muslims what Islam is really about. 
Discover the realIslam!  RSVP to the Facebook group here:

Discover Islam: April 25th-29th
"The Purpose of Life: An intro to Islam & the Prophet Muhammad"
Art/Sociology Building Room 2203  | 6-8pm

"Myth vs. Reality: Shariah, Jihad, Islamic Feminism, and more"
Art/Sociology Building Room 2309  | 6-8pm

"LIfe as a Muslim Terp: Food, Art, & Perspectives from Muslim Students on 
McKeldin Library Special Events Room 6137 (6th Floor)  | 6-8pm

"Jesus in Islam"
McKeldin Library Special Events Room 6137 (6th Floor)  | 6-8pm

"Eat, Pray, Love: Friday Prayer with the MSA"  | 1-2pm
Armory Gymnasium