PhD Position in Economic MPC for Smart Energy Systems

DTU Informatics would like to invite applications for a 3-year PhD position 
starting as soon as possible and no later than September 1, 2011.

In 2050, Denmark should be independent of fossil fuels. To reach this 
vision, a significant amount of stochastic energy sources such as wind power 
and solar power must be integrated into the energy system. The energy demand 
must be made smart by adoption of cooling systems, heat pumps, and 
electrical vehicles that consume and store energy when it is abundant and 
therefore cheap. In addition conventional production of power must be made 
much more flexible. To achieve this in an economic efficient and robust 
manner, new algorithms for control and optimization of large scale 
stochastic systems must be developed.

In this project, we develop new algorithms and software for Economic Model 
Predictive Control of large-scale stochastic systems. We will demonstrate 
the applicability and efficiency of these controllers on smart energy 
systems involving controllable energy consumers and producers as well as a 
significant amount of stochastic energy producers. The resulting 
methodologies will be useful in realizing the so called Smart Grid.

The supervisors for the project are Associate Professors John Bagterp 
Jørgensen and Niels Kjølstad Poulsen.

The project is part of the "Smart & Cool" project. Smart & Cool is 
collaboration between Danfoss A/S, DONG Energy A/S, Aalborg University, and 
DTU Informatics. In total 4 PhD students will be associated to the project.

You can find details on how to submit your application and get further 
information here

John Bagterp Jorgensen
DTU Informatics