Hm . . . peopls going to the HCIL symposium (May 26-27) can just make a week of it.  I'm kind of interested in doing Friday, fwiw . . .  

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Hi everyone,

The Department of State is hosting an open event on the topic of “serious games” that will focus on how gaming mechanisms can be used to impact social change and solve public problems. The event will take place at the Newseum on May 27 followed by an “unconference” on the 28th. Sign-up details are included in the email below.

I have been working with their Office of eDiplomacy (which is hosting the event) on the Virtual Student Foreign Service program. They are always open to potential topics and ideas, so let me know if you have anything you’d like to share on the subject of serious games (or join the conversation at

Have a good end to your semester,


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A message to all members of TechATState

Tech@State gets fun, seriously, for its 5th edition May 27-28 when we explore Serious Games at an event at the Newseum, co-sponsored by the Knight Foundation.We'll explore the mechanics of games, business and sustainability, design, education, international aspects, games for social change and much more.

Details unfolding, but we've already got some novel content in the works:


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