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Molecular Gerontology NFSC 610 (3 credits)

Fall 2011: Thursday 4:00-6:45 PM
Room: SKN 0101
BCHM 461 or BCHM 463.
BCHM 462 or 465 preferred.

This course is a lecture course designed to acquaint the students with current knowledge of the molecular aspects of the aging process, with focuses on the genome, mechanisms of age-related degeneration, and molecular nutrition.

1. The student will know the major theories of aging.
2. The student will learn the many aspects of genomic instability that contribute to the aging process.
3. The student will understand the importance of DNA repair, DNA damage checkpoint, and telomere maintenance in the aging process.
4. The student will be aware of human premature aging syndromes and genes that regulate lifespan.
5. The student will become familiar with the metabolic and developmental basis of the aging process and of age-related degeneration.
6. The student will understand the mechanism of selected vitamins, minerals and other dietary components that are known to regulate the aging process.
7. The student will be aware of the molecular basis for ideas and strategies of aging intervention.

Wen-Hsing Cheng, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
3108B Skinner bldg.
Phone: 301.405.2940
Office Hours: Anytime, but by appointment preferred.
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