Newly released textbook on Sustainable Process Design

Title: Sustainable Design through Process Integration: Fundamentals
and Applications to Industrial Pollution Prevention, Resource
Conservation, and Profitability Enhancement
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier

Author: Mahmoud M. El-Halwagi

This book covers the fundamental concepts and practical techniques on
the use of process integration to maximize the efficiency and
sustainability of industrial processes. Whether you are a process
engineer, an industrial decision maker, or a researcher, this book
will be an indispensable resource tool for systematically enhancing
process performance and developing novel and sustainable process
designs. The book is also ideal for use as a text in an upper level
undergraduate or an introductory graduate course on process design and
Key features:
 Allows the reader to methodically develop rigorous targets that
benchmark the performance of industrial processes then develop
cost-effective implementations.
 Contains state-of-the-art process integration approaches and
applications including graphical, algebraic, and mathematical
 Covers applications that include process economics, targeting for
conservation of mass and energy, synthesis of innovative processes,
retrofitting of existing systems, design and assessment of renewable
energy systems, and in-process pollution prevention.
 Presents fundamentals and step-by-step procedures that can be
applied to the design and optimization of new processes as well the
retrofitting and operation of existing processes
 Explains how pivotal sustainability issues can holistically and
methodically be addressed and reconciled
 Includes numerous examples and case studies on a broad array of
industrial processes and sustainable designs

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