Young Researcher Travel Grant (FOCAPO & CPC, 8-13 January 2012)

The organizers of FOCAPO and CPC have secured funds from the National 
Science Foundation and a number of US industries to support the 
participation of young researchers (graduate students, post-doctoral 
fellows and assistant or associate professors) from US institutions. These 
travel grant funds will cover five (5) nights of lodging at the conference 
hotel (Westin Savannah Harbor) for the full FOCAPO/CPC conference. 
It is anticipated that about 30 graduate students/post-docs and 15 
assistant/associate professors can be awarded travel grants. If the number 
of applicants exceeds the target, the selection will be made 
competitively; priority will be given to those planning on participating 
in both conferences. Priority will be given to young researchers making a 
presentation at FOCAPO and/or CPC.

Application Procedure

Graduate students and post-doctoral fellows need to submit two items:

1)  A brief nomination/recommendation letter written by their research 

2)  Current curriculum vitae

The title of the oral/poster presentation and the abstract number must be 
included in the nomination letter. 

Assistant or Associate Professors only need to send a CV and a cover 
letter with the title of the oral/poster presentation and the abstract 

The application should be submitted electronically at this link:

The application is due on or before 1 December, 2011. The award winners 
will be notified by 12 December 2011. The FOCAPO/CPC Conference Manager 
will handle housing reservations.

The applicants should register for the conference by 11 November, 2011.

More details, including the on-line registration, about the conferences 
can be found at     and