Hey everyone, this is a public event for anyone who is interested in
networking with Beta Iota Omicron, helping out a good cause or if you are
interested in rushing B.I.O for Spring semester. Saturday, October 8th we
will be working with the organization United by Blue to clean up the
Anacostia River. We will be meeting at the Stamp bus station at 8:30.
Everyone will have to sign a waiver to ensure United by Blue isn't liable if
you get injured. Then, we'll take the 9am University of Maryland bus to the
College Park metro station and from there we'll travel to the Stadium Armory
station and walk to the Anacostia Park parking lot.The actual cleanup is
from 10am to 2pm. United by Blue will be providing coffee and lunch. Look
out for the weather. If you have any questions please e-mail us at:
[log in to unmask] Hope to see you there!