*Voices of Social Change Presents: Hiding From Hate and Finding Hope*

*Suzanne’s Lifelong Campaign against Domestic Violence in the District*

 What happens when the courage needed to leave an abusive relationship is
met with the fear of not finding a safer home? One in every four women will
experience domestic violence in her lifetime but in places like D.C., female
survivors of domestic violence are often unsuccessful in securing emergency
shelter.  In 2006, after working on safer housing programs in New York City,
Maryland alumna, Suzanne Marcus joined the District Alliance for Safe
Housing, helping it transform into the largest safe housing provider and
advocacy organization in D.C. addressing housing access for domestic
violence survivors. Join Marcus as she explores the complexities of domestic
violence in the district and shares her experience advocating for survivors
of domestic violence. Learn more at www.stamp.umd.edu/voices

Date: October 20th 2011

Time: 5:30PM – 7:00PM

Place: Charles Carroll Room, Stamp Student Union

Manka Banda
B.A. Global Public Health, Expected May 2012
B.S. General Biology
International Development and Conflict Management minor
University of Maryland
College Park, MD, 20740